5 Things to Bring With You When Going Turkey Hunting

Things to Bring With You When Going Turkey Hunting

The fact that you have to bring your “A” game with you when you go turkey hunting is a given, but what else is essential to ensure that your trip turns out to be a successful adventure?

Once somewhere like the Minnesota turkey hunting season is in full swing, hunters of all ages and abilities will be trying to bag a special prize by outwitting their feathered adversary. Let’s take a look at some things you should bring with you when you set off for a turkey hunting experience.

It’s all about the calls

If there is an absolute must-have amongst your list of gear and equipment to take with you on your turkey hunting trip it is the need to have a good selection of calls.

Turkey calls are an obvious requirement if you are going to be able to attract the birds’ attention and lure them into range. However, you need to put plenty of thought into what sort of calls you pack.

It would be good to have a box call and also a variety of pan calls, usually slate or glass. Also, taking a selection of diaphragm calls and even some alternative locater calls such as an owl hooter will ensure that you have all bases covered.

Carrying multiple calls gives the sort of options you often need for a successful turkey hunt.

Keeping dry and comfortable is essential

Pack a decent pair of rubber boots for your trip.

Once your feet get cold and wet you will soon lose your focus. That’s not going to be any good when hunting a turkey.

Smart turkey hunters know that it is essential to have decent footwear. It allows you to stay in position and lie in wait when your feet are dry and you feel comfortable.

Decoys are essential

You will need to take a pack of decoys with you for the trip. Good decoy options are a must-have for any savvy turkey hunter.

A good choice would be a pack of decoys that includes upright and feeding hen calls, together with a half strut jake call.

Get some help with choosing the right decoys if you are not sure what to take.

Quality optics really make a difference

Next on your packing list should be some good quality optics options.

A decent pair of binoculars have to be considered an integral part of your kit. You should also invest in a good rangefinder. This will help with setting up decoys and knowing when the bird has come into range.

Don’t forget camouflage for your head and hands

It is worth remembering that turkeys have awesome eyesight and any sight of flesh from your hands or head could easily spoil the opportunity to catch one.

Pack some suitable gloves and head coverings that allow you to blend into your surroundings. You will stay warm with these options, but you will also improve your chances of not being seen by a sharp-eyed turkey.

If you have all of these essential options with you the next time you go turkey hunting, it will definitely increase the odds of having a successful trip.