A cosmetic surgery is a decision that will remain with you for years. It is a delicate procedure not only in terms of expertise but also in terms of its physical and emotional effects. A successful procedure is a source of immense contentment and confidence. While, if you end up in the hands of the wrong cosmetic surgeon, it entails a series of disappointments, medical complications, and rectification steps worth a lot of money and time.

Thus, the importance of choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is absolutely paramount. Here are five things to consider in your quest.


Cosmetic surgeons should be certified by proper medical boards and associations which are exclusively dedicated to cosmetic surgeons’ education, training, and certification. For instance, inclusion in Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA), Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), etc. are good starting points. Look for dependable points to ascertain that your choice of cosmetic surgeon is qualified with the necessary training, skills and experience to perform the job you want done.

References and Research

Reach out in the community to look for references and recommendations by past patients. Scour the internet to research patient satisfaction surveys and testimonials. This will allow you to have an insight into the cosmetic surgeon’s style of practise, care and communication with patients. A lot depends on how comfortable you feel with your cosmetic surgeon. Through reference and research, you can find out how much you can trust your doctor.

Specific Experience

Cosmetic surgeries in different areas require different skills, as nose jobs means working with bone, cartilage and respiratory passages while breast jobs mean working with soft tissue. Hence, find out their expertise in treating the specific procedure you are looking forward to, the complications that occurred and success rates. Some cosmetic surgeons specialise in certain procedures and your procedure should be among his top and regular skills.

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Review Results

The rich experience of a cosmetic surgeon speaks volumes about their craft but don’t forget to review the results as well. A string of failures may add to the experience list but not to a successful reputation. Scrutinise the results from ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the clientele handled. Most cosmetic surgery stories don’t end well so make sure that the ‘after’ pictures include post-surgery pictures ranging for at least a year later or more.

Comfort Factor

This is a crucial consideration when choosing a cosmetic surgeon because you are about to open up and trust your appearance and well-being in their hands. Meet with your doctor for a thorough consultation to understand their aesthetic sense, personal interaction, quality of the clinic and staff, and after-care availability. This should help your gut to make an informed choice.

These tips will aid to choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon who is available, amiable and empathetic too. If you are looking for ability combined with a personal touch, Absolute Cosmetic Medicine Joondalup will tick all the boxes in your checklist. Book a consultation today!

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