Things to Consider when Choosing BIN Checker Free Tool


BIN or Bank Identification Number is an important set of numbers that differentiate cards with the others. It doesn’t matter if the cards were issued by different banks. They don’t have the same BIN. Therefore, this number is currently being used by merchants to counter credit card fraud. And, they use the BIN checker tool to do this. Now, you can easily find the BIN Checker Free tool on the internet. There are many of them. So, here, we are going to tell you how to choose the correct one. It is easy. Just take a look at the features and services of that tool.

Daily Update

A BIN checker tool has a database it’s used to check the number. However, we all know that every day, the bank will always issue a card for its customer. In other words, there always are new cards and information every day. Therefore, the database will grow more and more every day.

A good tool keeps updating its database daily. It is important to provide the accuracy of the service. Without the daily update, a big chance, you won’t get the best result that you want. And, that will only lead you to more problems in the future.  

Validation Time

Also, you need to take a look at how much time that tool needs to validate the BIN you check. The card payment system doesn’t need too much time to finish. It even is completed instantly. Therefore, if the tool you are going to use can’t provide this instant validating process, you will have a problem with your customer. They hate to wait. They use cards to pay for one purpose. It is to get everything done faster.

Thus, finding a tool that can match the speed of card payment is important. The validation time should be instantly finished. It won’t waste your customer time. And, more importantly, it makes your customer happy and satisfied.

Privacy Protection

When you use the BIN checker tool, whether it is the free or paid version, you will enter the BIN of your customer. It means you share your customer’s personal information to another party, which is the BIN checker service provider. It is risky. There is a chance that the service provider uses that data for their benefits. And, if that happens, you are one of the responsible parties that causes this problem.

Therefore, choosing the tool that has the best security and privacy feature is paramount. You don’t want to be involved in the crime that you didn’t even realize when you use your customer’s BIN, right? Choose one that has the best feature in this matter, such as they offer a guarantee for data protection. They won’t store or keep the data in any manner.

Check thoroughly their service first. Make sure they have that guarantee. And, even if you find they offer that guarantee, do other research by using a different source. For example, read some reviews or testimonials from other people that use that service. Find only the tool that only has a good reputation and can be trusted.

Easy to Use

You don’t need a tool that needs too many steps or technical stuff to use. That is only wasting your time. And, this is not something you need from a checker tool for an instantaneous card transaction. Furthermore, not all checker tool users are tech and internet-savvy. The complicated process will only lead to errors and human mistakes. And, it only causes more problems for the business.

Therefore, find the checker tool that doesn’t need a complicated process to use and get the information. It must be offered a straightforward method to get the result. To find this kind of tool, you don’t need to try it with real BIN. You can read how to use the tool, which you can find on the website that provides that tool, customer review, or other sources.  


Those are some of the important features you need to find when you are going to use BIN Checker Free. It might be difficult to find a free version with all those features. But, you can find the free version has most of them, most likely, the paid version will have all of them.

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