If you had a great business idea a while ago and now things are really moving and that single room at home is no longer adequate to run your business empire, it is time to look at commercial office premises. Upsizing is a natural part of business growth and the relocation should not impact the business in any way, which is why you need the help of an established office removal company.

Professional Office Removals

When you make use of one of the best moving services in Bangkok, you no longer have the stress that normally comes with an office relocation. All you need to do is decide what goes and what does not; the removalist will plan the move and handle all the packing, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the business, which cannot be ignored. The removal company would assign you a project manager and it is their job to liaise with the client and ensure a smooth transition into the new facility and they know their stuff.


Aside from terminating the old utilities, you need to make sure that your new office space has water, power and telecommunications when your equipment arrives. Call the providers a couple of days before the move, just to be on the safe side and don’t forget to take possession of the keys and have the new premises deep cleaned ahead of time. Here are a few DIY office improvements to brighten up the workspace.

Old IT Hardware Disposal

If you have a number of PCs that are not worth keeping, you will have to contact a waste management company that accepts IT hardware; indeed, any equipment that you no longer want can either be auctioned off or recycled. Computer hardware develops at such a rate, it only takes a couple of years for workstation PCs to be obsolete. Old office furniture can be sold online, or if it can’t be sold, it can be recycled.

Cloud Based Solutions

Relocating your office is the perfect time to migrate your business data to the cloud, kif you haven’t already done so. Secure remote servers allow authorised access from any location and your office PCs no longer have their resources drained by big data. This also makes any future relocations much easier, as all your data is remotely stored; talk to a managed IT services provider to learn more about cloud-based data storage.

Choosing the Relocation Date

You might prefer to have this done over a long weekend, as this will not impact the day-to-day activities of the business; some owners prefer a night time approach, which is always possible. Planning ahead will ensure that nothing goes wrong and this is the task of the commercial removal company, who have the experience and the resources to ensure a smooth experience. With the right timing, your relocation will be smooth and event-free and with the help of professional movers, your office equipment is quickly installed and online.

Damage Insurance

Every good commercial removal company would be fully insured to cover any accidental damage to your equipment and furniture. This would include in-transit damage, which might be the result of a traffic accident. You can ask to see their policy if you wish and if they are associated with a federation, this is also a seal of approval.


The removalist would have special transport for large and delicate equipment, plus their teams would be highly professional and can work in the background if need be. Packing materials are supplied and some advance packing might be in order to minimise the impact on your activities. Here is some information about logistics in Thailand, where people enjoy a good infrastructure. By choosing a leading office removal specialist, you can be sure that the move will not impact your business in any way and they can plan and implement the project for an all-inclusive price. Once you are safely installed in your new office environment, you can continue to strive towards your goals and expand your business according to your long-term plan.

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