Located to the northwestern part of Louisiana, Bossier City, was once famous for cotton exports. Afterward, the city became a renowned railroad town. Today, tourism activities and casino gambling are the two major activities that identify Bossier city.

Aside from these, locals and tourists from all parts of the world are now flocking to Bossier City since this area is filled with restaurants that offer unique cuisines and dishes. Regardless of your taste and budget, you’ll be able to find a handful of restaurants that’ll surely fit your preference.

Are you planning a trip to Bossier? You are about to discover some interesting activities you can participate in or do when you visit Bossier for the first time. After enjoying some of the city’s best restaurants and other food spots, you can use this article to broaden the list of things that you can do on your next trip. These tips will surely make your trip more enjoyable.

Here are some cool tips to get you started as you plan your trip to Bossier City. Even if you are on a budget and you are looking for travel strategies to cut expenses and save more for Bossier, these five things can still favor your experience when you visit Bossier.

1. Have Fun With Family And Friends

Bossier City is a hub of interesting family activities that will expose your family and friends to thrilling fun experiences. Here are opportunities you can explore:

  • You can start by riding ponies (and this could be a rare opportunity for your children to enjoy the back of real ponies), touch and feed docile wild and domestic animals at a petting zoo, and fly over alligators via a zip-line at the Gators and Friends Adventure Park.
  •  The Shreveport Aquarium will offer you an opportunity to pet stingrays, a fish specie that is considered endangered and is also rare to find.
  • The Sci-Port Discovery Center will allow you entry into the Mega 3 StormTeam exhibit so you can pride in broadcasting your own weather reports.
  • The beauty of the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum building will amaze you and you view the amazing dioramas in the museum.
  • If you travel with family, you can pay a visit to Holiday Lanes for arcade games and glow-in-the-dark bowling.

2. Tour Attraction Sites

Since Bossier City took the road to tourism, it has significantly developed its attraction sites to attract tourists from across the world. Here are some of these attraction sites that you can visit when you travel to Bossier:

  • Visit free attraction sites. With these, you can freely learn about the heritage and history of the northwest part of Louisiana. There is another museum on the Barksdale Air Force Base museum known as the Barksdale Global Power Museum. Shreveport documents its musical heritage via the many statutes of music personalities and this could be the best opportunity for you to capture some photos for memory when the tour is over.
  •  If your trip falls during annual events and festivals, you will get an opportunity for awesome entertainment from music, fun, and different traditional and modern food. The dancing and art from events like Rockets Over the Red, Red River Revel, and Mardi Gras can give you a lifetime experience.
  • You can also tour museums, galleries, and historical places and enrich your knowledge of the Bossier City people. Visiting historical sites like Caddo Lake Drawbridge and the Vivian Railroad Station Museum can make your trip more meaningful.
Visit Bossier City

3. Engage In Sporting Activities

Bossier brags of both seasonal and annual sporting activities. You can plan your annual trip to match dates of the annual Camping World Independence Bowl or the usual common Thunder Road Raceway Park that involves drag racing sporting.

4.  Recreational Activities

There is an abundance of natural beauty in Bossier City’s Sportsman’s paradise in the northwest region of Louisiana good for outdoor activities. You will create beautiful memories with the golf course, sip-lines over alligators, or participate in a racetrack speed test.

  • Time your trips with Chimpanzee Discovery Days if you would like to visit Chimp Haven to view Chimpanzees in a 200-acre refuge natural forest habitat.
  • During summer trips, you can check in at Splash Kingdom Waterpark and have your kids enjoy playing at a kid designated region.

5.  Shop The Bossier City Goodies

  • Shop for some goods from Bossier as some might be so unique that you wouldn’t find them in another place of the world – at least, not in their exact make.
  • Visit the malls and look out at Louisiana Boardwalk outlets for some entertainment as you traverse aisles of the city.
  • You have a variety of restaurants to choose from as you find an ideal site to address your hunger.
  • You can get the best catch from arts and gift stores that are beautifully handcrafted by local artisans. The marketplace of artists at Agora Borealis is a commendable shopping avenue for such arts and crafts.
  • Visit the Line Avenue Shopping District and look for good garments at world-class boutiques.

Final Thoughts

For first-timers or returning visitors, keep in mind that you can shop the Bossier City arts and crafts, check in a variety of restaurants, engage in sporting and recreational activities, tour attraction sites and have fun with your family and friends. There are also several activities that children can participate in. For returning visitors, the options are still broad so ensure you make the most out of your trip.

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