Many people have the assumption that the top sales producer will naturally become the best sales manager. This is not true because management is different than sales. It does not necessarily take a talent to become a good sales manager. If you have the right skills, you will know what to do to manage the sales team. The following are 5 things you must do to become the best sales manager.

1. Set a Vision for Your Team

You should give your team a vision and set sales goals for them to achieve.  You can set different sales goals for different sales worker based on their performance. You are to follow up on each sales worker and give coaching as necessary to help him achieve the sales goal. You must not be too obsessed in wanting your sales team to achieve a 100% goal on the sales figure you set. Instead, be happy if your sales team has achieved at least 70% of the sales goal.

2. Regularly Check on Your Sales Team

You must work close with the members of the sales team and check with them on how they are doing. It does not mean just looking at sales statistic report on paper but that you must have one on one meetings with the individual members of the sales team. The leader must personally know each worker and communicate with them like someone they know well. Through talking with the sales worker, you will know what is the obstacle that is causing the sales goal to be not met. This will allow you to suggest a suitable approach to deal with the sales problem.

3. Set a Role Model for Your Team

You should set yourself a role model by working harder than everyone else. Poor quality sales manager will just relax all day in the office and let others do the job. If you work hard, your team will also increase their sales effort to keep up with you. You must be ready to take responsibility in the event that your team fail. The team fail because you fail to perform your functions fully, for example you did not provide the necessary tools, you did not get rid of the workers that are inefficient in the sales team. When you realize your mistake, you should improve your performance.

4. Reward Your Sales Team

You should reward your sales team every time they hit the sales target. Rewarding is an incentive to encourage your team to keep with the same performance. At least, they have a reward to eye on as they continue to work to reach the sales goal. You can put up dashboards in the office to show a live statistics of the sales that are recently closed in comparison with the sales target. This will create an urgency in the sales workers and stir them toward achieving the target sales number.

5. Continuous Education

Every successful sales team must be involved in continuous learning. Every now and then, new products will be launched and it is necessary for your sales team to participate in training to improve their knowledge on the latest features of these products. The sales manager is not excluded from continuous training. Sales managers should enroll in sales managers training courses to be updated with the latest skills in managing a sales team. You don’t have to join a 2 – 3 year degree program to upgrade yourself. Usually, a certification training that last for a few days is all you need.