Dental implants have changed the way dental treatments were done. People receive endless benefits from this treatment and make a great difference in their lives. The solid foundation of the teeth looks, feels and works like natural teeth. People don’t face any adverse effects after the surgery has been performed. That’s why it is considered the safest way to improve your oral health. People have started to opt for Westfield implants without any fear or anxiety as they know what they are going to get. However, below mentioned are a few facts that you must bear in your mind beforehand:

Don’t touch the healing wound

We all tend to look at the new wound or surgery because it may irritate you a bit in the beginning. If you have an urge to touch it, you have to control it because it may get infected with your hands. Moreover, rinsing and spitting should also be avoided on the day or after the surgery if you want smooth healing. 

Be ready for swelling

After the surgery, you should mentally be prepared for minor swelling around the implant. To get some relief from the discomfort, you must apply the icepack on the outside after the surgery. With the passage of time, it will start to go away. If it remains the same after a few days, you should get in touch with your dentist. He will be able to examine it properly and suggest suitable remedies.

There may be minor bleeding and pain

We all get scared to see the sight of blood. However, there may be minor bleeding after 24 hours of surgery. Your dentist will be able to suggest you the medications to get some relief from the bleeding. If it occurs after a day, you must visit your surgeon immediately. Likewise, the pain may be persistent depending on the severity of the wound. Over-the-counter medicines are available to relieve the pain. Your dentist will also prescribe you these medicines after the surgery.

Take care proper rest and stay hygienic 

Taking proper rest after the surgery is important. Your body should give some time to the wound for healing. You should not perform exercises during this time. Apart from this, oral hygiene plays a vital role in wound healing. Personal hygiene also speeds up recovery.

Dental implants can change the way you have been leading your life. No one can figure out if they are natural or artificial teeth.


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