Whether you are looking for persistent, cost-effective, low-maintenance, fire-resistant, bulletproof or some other combination, overhead sectional steel doors offer an excellent performance especially to meet the expectations of commercial building owners.

Why these doors consider strong and durable?

Because steel doors offer the highest R-value available, it also delivers energy efficiency and provides durability and security which is crucial for commercial openings. These doors are resistible to hot or cold weather conditions. Thus, these features make them accurate for a wide variety of industrial applications.

So, if you are searching for a new sectional steel door or you want to replace the wood door from the same, then you need to know a few things about overhead sectional steel doors.

Is It High-Quality Steel Door?

These doors aren’t solid steel often but instead, have a foam or wooden core. Sometimes it is necessary to have a Solid metal especially for marine or military applications; however, it would be too heavy for most residential or commercial use.

You will possibly find many steel doors that are metal-coated from outside but feature wood moldings or oak in the inner surface, allowing a secured outer frame while remaining a warm internal look.

There are also energy star-certified steel-coated doors featuring high-density polyurethane foam, which helps prevent heat transfer.

Dimensions of Steel Doors

You must know the available options like a variety of insulated and non-insulated finishes ribbed 16, 20 & 24 gauge steel for durability in all weather conditions. It refers to the thickness and weight of the metal. Also, the width and height of overhead and sectional steel doors vary from type to type.

A heavy-duty steel door offers significant security measurements over hollow or wooden-core doors. Since it can’t be pushed in and is extremely hard to bend, even using tools.

Using galvanized steel (steel coated in zinc oxide to prevent rust and corrosion), and make it resistant to scratching, manufacturers can create doors that are not only easy to customize and paint but will last for a longer time.

Metal doors come either prefinished with a coat of weather-resistant paint or pure white and ready for painting. Steel accepts a variety of paint types, but it’s always best to use a weather-resistant coating that won’t fade or peel due to rain, snow or general environmental hazards.

The Process of Installation

Measuring a door properly is the crucial step in any installation whether you plan to replace a current wood or hollow-core door with steel. If the jambs and door frames are lighter, wooden doors may not be sufficient to support a metal door.

Many steel doors offer more than one lock mechanism, which needs another hole in the jamb. So, in that case, a professional installer can make sure your door is installed appropriately.

How to Purchase Steel Doors

You will find a variety of doors including steel in most retail and hardware stores. The range differs depending on the type of locking mechanism it offers and the type of core they contain.

So, take measurements correctly when buying steel door. Whether you are purchasing from a retailer or online, make sure you know the exact and correct size. Also, ask about the quality, durability and other features of the door.


Increasing your business’ security and energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Overhead Sectional commercial steel doors are now available in various options like rolling-steel garage doors, insulated and non-insulated doors, fire-rated doors, etc.

It also provides a wide variety of performance and safety-tested options to match your business needs.

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