Weddings are fun events for everyone, including kids. Some may even go a step further and even include the little ones in the wedding ceremony. A flower girl is a little girl aged from 2 to 7 years, which throws flowers along the aisle. This small role is so significant for kids, as they will feel like they are taking part. It is a common practice for brides to choose their nieces, cousins, or friend’s daughters for this role.

The Dress Etiquette

Flower girls have an important role in weddings. That’s why the bride needs to participate in the dress choice. There are a few options available regarding the dress style and color. Most of the brides would choose a dress that somehow ties into the wedding aesthetic. This means that the ivory flower girl dresses can mimic the bride’s dress, or be a small copy of it. Or, the other option is to have a dress in the same color as the bridesmaids.

The Costs

Who should pay for the dress once it is chosen? The flower girl dress is normally covered by the parents of the girl. Unless the bride wants to gift the dress to show appreciation for the little girl’s presence. Either case, consider that there are some beautiful cheap flower girl dresses that can be purchased online.

Pick According To Season

The outfit should be planned according to the weather conditions. If the weather is warm, then open-toe shoes and short sleeves are okay. For cold weather, make sure that you find a coordinating coat and tights as well.

The Right Size

We know that kids grow up so fast. Buying a dress way ahead of time means that you need to get a slightly bigger size so that the dress will be the perfect fit. You don’t want your little girl to feel uncomfortable. Also, you would want to pay attention to the length of the dress. Older girls will not have trouble with long dresses. But, toddlers might trip and fall down if wearing a dress that is too long. To avoid this, pick a short or mid-length dress.

Choose The Right Material

Picking special-occasion clothes for children is not easy at all. A dress should be made of breathable and stretchable materials because kids will not stand uncomfortable clothes. You should avoid too heavy and stiff fabrics too. Also, the fabric itself should not be prone to wrinkling. Chiffon is a nice choice, as it is an almost wrinkle-free fabric. Satin is a good fabric that looks elegant, and will not rip that easy. You would want to avoid silk, as this is a pretty expensive material that is prone to tearing. Also, make sure that you have wipes or a cleaning agent handy in case of spills and spots.

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