Things to Know Before Purchasing an E-Bike

When you are considering whether an electric beach cruiser bike is the right choice for you, there are a lot of factors to consider along the way. For some, this is a natural choice to help them get out of the house and have some more physical activity as well. For others, they want to get all of the facts and figures before they jump right on and try it out.

E-bikes can be expensive and sometimes they will cost more than you are used to spending on a bike. There are a lot of features that you will enjoy with this bike and many benefits, which can make it worth it to purchase. But you want to be prepared and ensure that you are making the right purchase. Some of the things you should know before purchasing an e-bike include:

What Will You Use the Bike For?

What Will You Use the Bike For

There are several designs that you can choose when it comes to an e-bike for your needs. Choosing the right one will help you make sure that you are able to utilize it for the right activity. For example, if you plan to ride the bike through lots of trails and terrains, then going with a bike that has fat tires and studded shocks can be perfect.

For those who plan to use the e-bike more for commutes between work or for errands, then a road e-bike is better. These are light and will appear to look more like a regular bike for all of your commuting needs. You can also do a cargo bike that has a carrier behind it and a recumbent bike that offers some more support for those who need it in the back.

Choose the Riding Style

The frame of the bike is going to help determine some more of the comfort for your bike. You may need to try a few out to see what preference is best for you. You can also consider the uprightness of the riding position to see what feels good for your needs. Some of the mountain bikes and all racing bikes will have you leaning forward so be aware of that.

On the other hand, the commuter bikes or the road bikes for daily use are going to put you in an upright position more often. For most riders, the upright position feels more comfortable, so make that the one that you want to use instead. It may depend on the way that you plan to use the bike though too and you must double-check before you make a purchase.

The Battery Power

The range of your e-bike is going to depend on the battery that you have and how charged it is when you get started. The weight of the rider, the terrain that you plan to use, the tire pressure, and the aggressiveness of your pedaling. You want to make sure to get the bet battery range for your budget to help you to avoid getting stuck when you are out riding the bike.

You want to avoid the frustration of being stuck in the middle of nowhere on your e-bike by ensuring you have enough charging capacity in the battery of the bike to help you get from one location to another without recharging. Something to remember about the battery includes:

  • Larger batteries are going to have a bigger capacity, which can be good for some of the long-distance riders. You may be able to go 100 miles or more on a single charge. It can also keep the charge cycles at a minimum, which can help the batter to last a whole lot longer as well.
  • If you do not plan to ride the bike too often, then a smaller capacity battery can provide you with enough range for your needs, usually between 20 to 35 miles. This is enough to get around the neighborhood, go to the grocery store, or even commute to work if you would like.

A Powerful Motor Needs Extra Energy

A Powerful Motor Needs Extra Energy

You may find that a powerful e-bike can help you to get long distances without all of the problems, but you will need more energy in order to get this done. You may also find that some e-bikes are going to have turbo or sport features that will help you to boost up to 250% above the normal speed for acceleration.

If you rely on these modes often, it is going to take a big toll on the capacity of the battery, which can limit your travel range as well. You should go with the eco mode as much as possible to help the battery last a long time and avoid some issues as well.

Pick a Bike with Safety Features

Check for some of the safety features that come with your bike. Ensure that the stopping power of your brakes is going to match with the motor. If you like to have a good deal of speed, then going with a bike that has a hydraulic disc brake is going to be important. You can also look at smart cut-off brakes to ensure that you get some smooth stops and restarts when you go.

Next on the list includes good suspensions on the seat and the frame. This will help you to keep rides smooth, even on the bumpy roads, reducing fatigue and issues with back pain. Wear a helmet when you are riding the e-bike to avoid problems with falling off and consider lights and reflectors to make you easier to see.

Choosing the Right E-Bike for Your Needs

Now that you know a bit more about e-bikes and how they work, it is time to get out there and make a purchase of the right one for your needs. This will help save you a lot of time and effort and ensures that you can get all of the great benefits. Take a look at this list of things to know before purchasing an e-bike to help make things easier.


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