Houston may be most popularly known as the world’s space exploration capital, but it is also Texas’ most loved destination wedding venue. Regardless if you want a contemporary location or a rustic one, Houston will have something for you. For instance, if you want to feel like royalty during your wedding day, you can book Heights Villa’s chandelier-lit ballroom. Meanwhile, if you want to have an intimate rustic wedding, you can opt for Station 3. With a lot of wedding venues to choose from, it is no wonder that wedding photographers in Houston are highly in demand.

After looking for a venue, wedding photographers should be next on your list. They do not just take pictures; they immortalize a moment. As such, you cannot delegate this task to anyone; you need to get a professional to capture your special day. Here are several things you must know about finding the best photographer in the city for your big event: 

How to find great photographers

One of the best ways to find a photographer in Houston is to attend a local bridal fair. Bridal Extravaganza is a local showcase that features over 400 wedding vendors in the city.

There are also many wedding photographers in Houston exhibiting their works online. The great thing about these businesses is that you can already read their reviews and see their portfolio. Inspecting the photographers’ portfolios is the best way to gauge their caliber. If you are satisfied, the next thing to do is book a meeting with them to discuss the specific details of what you need for your wedding day.

What to expect during the meeting

Establishing rapport and negotiating deals should be the primary objectives of your first meeting with your potential photographer. Expect that you will be asked about your love story. It will give them an idea of what you will like if you have not yet decided on anything.

During your first meeting, it is important to inquire about their professional history. Be curious about the details of their past coverage and how they handled difficult situations. Another important information you need to have is their delivery time so that you know how soon your pictures and videos will arrive. If you want to test out their ability, you can request for a simple trial shoot.

Do not be pressured into signing anything yet. If you are given a contract, read the fine print to know your right as a client. 

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Cost of hiring professions

A typical 8-hour wedding shoot in Houston would only cost you an estimated amount of $1,000. Meanwhile, a classic photo and video package would range between $1,300-2,000. This package often includes a wedding photo album, an online photo gallery, and an edited HD wedding film. If you want to amp it up a bit, you can ask if the company has a person specializing in cinematography. Having one in the mix will significantly improve the quality of both your photos and videos. However, be prepared to shell out $4,000-5,000 for this kind of premium arrangement. 

Aside from the wedding itself, you can also hire a photographer to do your pre-nuptial shoot. On average, photographers charge anywhere between $300-500 for a 3-hour service at any location in Houston. You can also include this in your wedding package deal to lessen the cost. Your wedding day is one for the books. By having a photographer immortalize this time for you, you can look back on it even when your hair is already gray.

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