There is no doubt that the current generation of young Royals have done a lot to blow away the stale, formal image that has traditionally hung over this family. This is definitely one of the reasons why they are now popular than in many years.

A YouGov poll at the end of 2018 revealed that 77% of people see Prince Harry as likeable. The Queen was next, at 74%, followed by Prince William at 73%. Could the impressive parenting skills that we have seen in recent years be part of the reason for this? If so, what can we learn from them?

Parents and Kids Should Have Fun Together

If you look at photos of William, Kate and their kids it is clear that they enjoy being together. They have been known to go skiing together, take family trips to the swimming pool and generally play around together.

This is a terrific attitude that should ensure they remain friends as the little ones grow up. According to Psychology Today, when parents play with their children they help the little one to learn new skills and improve their cognitive skills.

Do It Your Way

Most new parents find there is no shortage of advice given to them by other people. This is even more obvious with millions of people watching the Royal parent’s our every step and giving their opinions. Kate and William have always been clear about wanting to bring up the kids their way.

What about Meghan and Harry? The couple have also been clear about doing things their way, even when it means going against Royal tradition in matters such as where she will give birth and how the event will be announced. It is clear that all new parents need to work out an approach that suits them.

Give Them a Normal, Grounded Family Life

How will the childhood given to the youngest Royals affect their future life and happiness? One of the key issues in recent times has been the desire to allow them to live “normal”, grounded lives, which is good advice for every parent to remember. You don’t have to be a Prince or Princess for this idea to make sense.

This can be seen in how William and Kate approach Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s schooling, taking turns to take them there each day. How will this affect their academic achievements? The Royal specials betting at Paddy Power has Prince Louis and Harry’s first child each at 10/11 to get the higher GCSEs of the two.

Give the Kids Plenty of Hugs

There is no denying the importance of hugs and physical contact between children and their parents or older relatives. The Attachment Theory was developed in the 1950s by psychoanalyst John Bowlby after years of working with emotionally disturbed children in a London clinic and it still rings true today.

We can see the youngsters getting hugged in many Royal photos, by their parents and by other close family members. This is a way of showing affection that kids automatically understand and respond to.

Keep Everyone Close Together

One of the biggest challenges these days is in keeping a family close together as they all grow up. The Royals have long been experts in doing this, while keeping a united front in public no matter what is going in private.

Like every family on the planet, the Windsors have suffered ups and downs. However, in the last few years the parenting skills of the new Royal parents have given us some fine examples to follow.


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