Hiring new employees is a nightmare for any company as it requires a lot of resources, planning, and time investment. Even after hours of research and detailed interviews, companies are found to be complaining about bad hires and staff turnover.

Finding the best employees for the growth of your business is the dream goal of every human resource team. There are countless challenges involved in order to have the best applications on your table. Even if you have received thousands of applications, picking the right one requires a lot of hard work. Here are some important points to look for when recruiting new employees for your company:

Their Achievements at the previous job

For the post of experienced employees, background check is the first step for good hiring. What did the application accomplish at his previous job that makes him a perfect fit for your company? Have they been proactive for the previous employer, or did they just fulfill their job role?

There are some other characteristics that you need to focus on, and the best way to do all of this is to hire professionals to do a complete background check.

Their Qualifications

No matter how good they are, their qualifications requirements must be fulfilled as per the job description. Many applicants have the relevant experience but don’t meet the qualification requirements for the job. They tend to falsify their qualification credentials, and that can hurt your company in the long run.

Do a complete professional background check to determine whether they meet the said criteria or they are lying on the CV.

Individual Police Check

Are you hiring a convicted criminal? The CV of any applicant is not going to answer this question. There are other ways to find out whether the candidate has ever been arrested for any crime or not. In the police check process, an individual police check for the candidate is way more important than any other check. Most of the companies and hiring managers don’t realize the sensitivity of these checks.

If bad hire conducts any foul or illegal activity at your workplace or any client’s, your company is going to suffer. Your clients trust your credibility, and people with criminal pasts can be a threat. You should not hire or fire any applicant on the basis of their past, yet you have the right to know your team better.

Prescreen your Applicants

The interview process is time taking and needs resources. Before calling applicants for the interviews, you can conduct pre screen tests. Knowing them in person will give you a better idea about their skills and qualities because everyone looks perfect on the CVs. There are many simple questions and doubts that must be clarified before starting the interview process.

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Pay Attention to the Little Details

Most of the HR managers only focus on the skills and expertise of the applicants. Well, you are not only hiring them for their expertise but for their qualities too. No matter how experienced someone is if he does not fit in the organizational culture, he is not the one right person for the job.

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