This one-day tour brings you to many of the places and sights that create New York City the interesting location it is. You’ll see amazingly lovely ancient houses and gardens. From distinct angles of perspective, you will see the incredible New York skyline. You will tour more than two-century-old places and discover some of the latest government areas in the city.

We constructed lunch, a snack, and dinner in a moment. If you have enough energy to continue running, there’s a part for evening operations! You’ll really feel like you’ve seen New York City when you’re all finished.

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Here is a list of the six things that you can do in New York if you had only one day.

1. New York library

The primary building of the New York Public Library constructed in 1913 is on the intersection of 42nd Street and 5th Avenue. Walk inside to see the grand lobby of Beaux-Arts and the cavernous Reading Room where a scene once was filmed from the 1984 film Ghostbusters. Dump your luggage nearby if you have any and enjoy freehand sight-seeing and explore the beauty of this fantastic Library

2.  Grand central station

Grand Central is New York’s unique place. It’s worth a ride, despite how messy it may be during the rush hour. Even lifelong New Yorkers who pass every day enjoy this terminal’s beauty and design, from the celestial ceiling to the chandeliers, tiled archways, and royal staircases, Grand Central is a beauty. There are so many places near Grand Central station, such as a central park, Rockfeller center, Grand central market where every outsider should visit and explore. Do not get stressed regarding your big bags and luggage. Put all your big bags and luggage at bag storage NYC and explore the whole area near by freely.

3.  Enjoy riverside ferry service

Buy your fare from DUMBO to Wall Street and get your camera prepared for beautiful, unhindered pictures of the Manhattan skyline and the harbor. The journey will cost $2.75, but the perspective is invaluable. The journey is about 4 minutes long. Be free to verify your evening timetable.  Get off the ferry and abandon the dock. You’ll be at the Gouverneur Lane and South Street crossroads. Cross South Street and switch correct, stroll up South Street for one street until you reach Wall Street.

4. Hit the charging bull 

This bronze sculpture of 7,000 pounds is one of New York City’s most pictured statues. It was created in 1989 by the Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica, who gave it to New York City as a symbol of encouragement for a year of the strong stock market, known as the “Bull Market.”

5. Visit the National museum American Indian

This beautiful structure of Beaux-Arts was constructed as the customs house of New York City where importers proclaimed their products. It is now hosted to the American Indian Museum’s National Museum. The four massive paintings on the front wall of the building symbolize international trade with each of the continent’s four women characters: Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. 

6. Enjoy your dinner at Downtown

Because you’re already going to be Downtown, search out the Westfield World Trade Center Food Hall. The Westfield’s World Trade Center food hall is has comparatively fresh food. There are not only loads of meal choices like Eataly, Shakeshack, and Wasabi Sushi, but there are also fast food choices and shops of the highest quality. Even if you’re not eager to explore the Center and its primary room, the Oculus, an all-white, architecturally amazing room is certainly worth a look and you’ll want your camera with you! Westfield is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm and from Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

Here we discussed, is one of the best ways of seeing and enjoying one day in New York. If you want to get the best from that one day, then drop off all your heavy luggage at Bag storage NYC and travel comfortably. Plan a trip with your loved ones and lets rock the New York! If you want to know more about those four lakes that every tourist must visit on his journey to Los Angeles, then visit here