When travelling around Europe, there is plenty for you to do and see, but the question remains. What kind of weather should you pack for? Well, the answer to this simple question relies on two contributing factors which are where you are travelling to and at what time of year you are travelling. With some countries being warm than others at this time of year it can be a challenge to get it right but we have the solution. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 things you need to pack when visiting Europe to help you stay warm dry and comfortable.


When travelling to Europe, it is important to look at the paperwork that you need to bring with you such as a passport or your European Health Insurance Card. All the required paperwork should be applied for in advance as this will be needed for you to travel. It is important that is be organised beforehand as it can take up to 6 weeks for a passport and EHIC application to be approved. This will be beneficial to fill out even before booking your trip to ensure that it arrives before you are set to leave the country.

Comfortable Shoes

By packing comfortable shoes, you will not only save space in your suitcase, but you can ensure that your feet are as comfortable as possible when exploring your chosen destination. With major cities such as Paris, Rome and London requiring a lot of walking to see all the sights, it is important to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Comfortable shoes such as trainers can be stored in a suitcase with ease and are the perfect option for everyday wear. Pack these alongside a pair of high heels and you are set for almost every occasion.

Several T-Shirts

Unless you are going on a night out during your trip, packing several t-shirts can help to save room whilst keeping you cool and comfortable. A t-shirt is a stable foundation for all types of weather as you can add layers for the colder of days. Or even pair them with shorts to keep you cool in the height of summer. They can be placed in the suitcase alongside an even dress to give you the perfect choices for both a day of exploring and a night on the town. By keeping some of the t-shirts simple you can then match them with almost anything, allowing you to save space I your suitcase, particularly if you are travelling light.

Breathable Jacket

Sometimes when travelling in Europe, you can be caught out by the weather. However, packing a breathable jacket can help to protect you from a light shower without causing you to overheat. With some light rain jackets folding into a small pouch, this can be packed into a pocket of a suitcase without taking up too much space. This light rain mac material can also be dried out in the summer sun within just a few hours allowing you to get up and go for your evening meal regardless of the weather conditions.


The final summer essential to take with you on your European holiday is a travel adapter. Not only is this crucial for you to be able to use your electronics but packing multiple adapters you not only have some spare should you misplace one during the duration of your trip. This is particularly beneficial if you are travelling across Europe as these styles of adapters are not always available at the hotel. With all this in mind, there is a lot to remember when packing for a European trip and therefore it can be difficult to remember everything. Therefore, it is advised to make a list and pack a few nights before you are due to leave to ensure that you leave nothing behind. Happy travelling!


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