Buying a cruiser bike can be a daunting task, with all the nib nobs and the literal bells and whistles. However, the bright lining to the cloud is that we are here to provide you the exact guideline you need before buying a cruiser bike.

1. Size of the Cruiser

Beach cruisers come in varying designs that are built to cater to the specific genders. For the men, there are the straight-across top tubes which may restrict the movement for women. On the other hand, the female-oriented bike has a step-through frame that is suited for easier mount and dismount for women. This thing should be kept in mind when choosing women’s road bike. There is a unisex option though usually at a higher price-point it has a stretched frame and cranks to allow the legs to stretch more.

Beach cruisers are measured according to the diameter/wheel as opposed to other bikes which are done by the frame. There are four varying bike sizes available. These are 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches and 26 inches. The latter is for adults or tall individuals. For each model the frame of the bike is standardized.

2. Frame

The material of the frame of your bike is a very important factor to consider. The frames are often made of metal such as steel or aluminum. The steel frame though sturdier is more high maintenance. It needs to be shielded from humidity or blistering sun. The weight of a steel frame is also significantly more thus making it difficult to carry it about.

Aluminum frames though more pricey are lightweight; allowing for you to apply less pressure and have a stress-free bike ride. Moreover, aluminum frames are much better for those residing in apartment buildings especially with small sized elevators or none at all. As the lightweight nature of the material allows for easy carrying of the cruiser to and fro from your apartment. Aluminum is also resistant to rust and is more durable.

Cruiser Bike3. To Gear or Not to Gear

These cruisers come with two types of gear option; multi-speed and single-speed. The type that you go for depends solely on what type kind of terrain you want to go riding on. If you are looking for a leisure ride over flat surfaces then a cruiser with single-speed gear is the one for you.

However, if you are more of a thrill seeker that likes to go riding over mountainous terrain opt for a multi-speed gear cruiser. These types come with a range of speed options ranging from 3, 6 or 7.

4. Brakes

There are two types of brakes that you can choose from while picking out the best cruiser bike for you. These are coaster brakes and handbrakes.

The type of break you choose should be one that you are comfortable with and is suited for the type of terrain you will ride on. Due to the easy nature of the leisurely rides that single-speed gear cruisers are best for coaster breaks are preferred on them. These are brakes that are applied using the feet allowing for a smoother stop.

For the more adventurous terrain, it is preferred to have more control over your ride thus a handbrake is considered the best option; as it allows for more control and a hastier stop.

5. Cost

Perhaps one of the most obvious considerations while purchasing a beach cruiser will be the price. This is because they come in a largely diversified price range; $90-600. You have to be honest and consider the true use you want out of your cruiser. The base model is often not as costly as customized ones.

Final words:

Always go for the ones that provide warranty and are preassembled. If the assembled ones are out of your range to opt for one that has an assembly manual. Look for ones that provide basic amenities such as water bottle holder and fender. Nonetheless, most importantly look for a beach cruiser that best fits your needs.

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