Dressing up is the most important part of your personality. According to psychologists, the way you dress up is another definition of your personality. The way you carry the dress, the colors you wear, and the designs you prefer the most are all part of your personality. Some psychologists also identify personality traits based on the dresses you wear.

Clothes are attractive and for women, every attractive dress deserves a try. But shopping is a hassle for many women. They find it difficult to find the most beautiful dress in the store that can fit them as well. There have been many issues like the most beautiful dress not being the right choice for some women.

Just heading to the dress stores and picking the best one is not the only job well done, but buying a dress is not as tricky as it sounds. It just needs a little effort and time to buy the perfect dress. If you know some basic tips and tricks for buying clothes, there is nothing tough about finding the best dress.

Here are some things that you must consider before buying the best dress for you or your closed ones.

1. What is the Occasion?

This is the most important question that must have an answer when you decide to shop. Every dress isn’t made for every occasion. You have to be sure if the dress you are attracted to is appropriate for the occasion. For example, if you are searching for a dress to wear at a club, dressing up formally wouldn’t be a great idea. Semi-formal or casual wear fits parties.

2. Size Matters

Always remember your size before buying. Most women pick the wrong size and regret buying the dress. The size must include shoulders, bust, waist, thighs, and arms. Ask for the size chart of the outlet and pick the best fit. You may need the dress in medium size but you did not check the size chart and ended up buying a large size of the dress. Another way to avoid the size problem is by trying the dress. That is what fitting rooms are for after all.

3. Color of the Dress

Every skin tone has a different range of colors that complement it. A darker skin tone would not look very attractive in an orange-colored dress. No wonder you must like dark shades but remember to keep your skin tone, occasion, and the design of the dress before selecting any color. Colors contribute the most to the appearance of a dress. Maybe you like the dress in black, but it looks more appealing in red.

4. Dress Design You Can Fit In

Mid-length or full-length dress? What is your taste? This is something that most women avoid while buying the dress. It is not about feeling body-shamed or lower self-esteem, but you must know that every type of dress design is not suitable for every body type. A broad-shaped person should not wear an off-shoulder dress. It will make the person look broader. Similarly, slim people should also think about the design that they are choosing. It must fit their body type.

5. Not Every Dress in the Store Is for You

Keep the age factor in mind as well before making the purchase decision. You cannot fit into every dress at any age. Some dresses are restricted with the age factor. For example, a middle-aged woman would not look appealing in a mid-thigh length sequin dress. Instead, she would look more attractive in a full-length jumper suit. Similarly, a 20-year-old should not be wearing a suit to a party at college.

6. Seasons Play Their Role Too

Sleeveless in winter sounds weird. Moreover, you should not be wearing any dress that does not go with the season. How would you feel if someone is wearing a woolen sweatshirt in June? Obviously, you would feel weird and laugh at him or her too. Similarly, a backless dress does not look good in January. Be careful with the seasons when you pick a dress. Looking trendy and attractive is the goal, but it should not make you look weird.

7. The Pattern of the Dress

Polka dots and lines are among the most common and preferred designs. The pattern of the dress you choose is another factor that plays its role. It must be surprising for some of you, but designs also affect the shape of your body. Some designs make you look broad and some make you look thinner. Try the dress that you like and it is better to try it before buying it.

8. Fabric Contributes Too

Have you ever faced a problem where the design is appealing but the fabric is not? This is the most common issue that women face and it can be avoided. How can you avoid it? Well, most of the brands now allow customization that can help, but if you cannot customize, find a different dress. Your comfort and appearance should never be compromised. Also, some women are also allergic to certain fabrics; therefore, you must keep these factors in mind as well.

9. Is Dress Worth It?

Once you are done with the selection, note the monetary value of the dress. You cannot spend all your savings on just two dresses. Make an economical decision, because sometimes the dress is not worth the price you are agreeing to pay.

10. Flattering or Just Fine

Looking trendy is the motive but your priority must be different and flattering. When choosing the dress, you must check every inch and make sure that the dress is not just different, but it also makes you look flattering. Do not just follow the trends, make the trends look different when you adopt any.

11. Would You Need Accessories?

Now comes the tricky part. Your chosen dress should complement your personality, the occasion you want it for, and if you need any accessories with it or not. Be minimal when dressing up, because it makes you look elegant. If the dress is very simple, keep in mind that you would need some accessories to complete the look. Also keep in mind that you can end up over-accessorizing, and you can spoil the look of your dress. It is better to buy a little heavy dress so that you do not have to put a lot of effort to accessorize yourself.

12. Revealing or Restricting

No matter what you choose, you must know that dress should neither be too revealing nor too restricting. In either case, you may not be comfortable in the event. Your comfort matters the most. Be it the office or a party, you must be able to carry your dress perfectly and confidently.


Finding the right dress that fits your personality and makes you look more beautiful is something that every woman searches for. The process of buying sounds tough, but you need to learn some shopping hacks to be a pro. The above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you find the best dress that will enhance your personality. Your beauty will be magnified and you can be more confident. Buying the best dress must not be your target, but the dress that fits you right should be the aim. Happy shopping!


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