Choosing what to wear is difficult (women know that problem well), but choosing clothes to wear for special occasions like camping, for some people almost feels like mission impossible. Clothing is as important as the rest of the camping gear. So to make your life easier, here are some camping tips about things that you definitely SHOULDN’T wear while going to a campsite.

Capri pants

When it comes to the weather, you need to be prepared for everything – hot, cold, rain, etc. Capri pants are not a right choice for camping because of two reasons – firstly, they won’t keep you warm in case of a temperature drop, and secondly, they won’t protect you from insects. That means that you shouldn’t wear not only capri pants, but any pants that are not as long as trousers.

So what should you wear? Long pants – sweatpants, jeans or trousers.

Uncomfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must-have. Why? Well, for example, if you are camping somewhere close to the mountains, there is a big chance that you will spend at least one day hiking. Or if you are close to some city, you will probably try to explore it. Can you imagine doing it in uncomfortable shoes? And let’s not forget all the blisters you will have at the end of the day. Amazing, no? No.

That means no heels, no shoes with open toes and also no combination of sandals and socks (sandals are meant to keep you cool, socks to keep you warm – they just don’t mix, remember). Also, don’t wear new shoes to go camping, as they tend to injure your feet.

So what should you wear? A pair of shoes that you already wore too many times. A little bit of shoe glue is nothing compared to the pain of wearing a new pair.


It might sound weird, but it’s happening. Some people feel the need to connect with nature ultimately, but they are forgetting about the place they are in being a public space. You can be ‘free’ in areas meant for it, like a nudist beach or your house, but don’t forget that on a campsite you are not alone.

So what should you wear? Clothes, please.

Too much

Everything has an opposite, and this is the complete opposite of the people mentioned above. Remember – of course, you need to be prepared for every weather, but be reasonable while doing it. How to do it? Well, for example, by taking into account the climate of the area that your camping site is located in. If there is a hot climate in the area, even if the temperature drops you will not need that big puff jacket or winter shoes.

So what should you wear? Clothes that will be good for every kind of weather, and adequate to the climate prevailing in the area.

Drug-related attire

If you are camping in a public place, where there are security guards and ragers, stop yourself from wearing attire that has words, sentences or images in any way related to drugs. You may not get arrested, but they will definitely pay closer attention to you than to the rest of the campers, trying to catch you in practice. Also, some older people who are also camping in the same place may be judging you. Is wearing one t-shirt worth it?

So what should you wear? The best option would be just to wear basic t-shirts, without anything imprinted on them. Or if you want to wear something with a print, just make sure that it is a family-friendly content.

Check out the internet for more camping related content (for example Rainy Adventures’ website). And since you finished reading this article, now you are all ready to start packing your suitcase without the things mentioned above – Good luck!


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