The charges are leveled and you are waiting for your day in court. It’s not unusual for Guelph DUI lawyers to do a little more than prepare defences. They also provide clients with some suggestions for how to conduct themselves until the court date arrives. Here are four basics that your lawyer is likely to recommend.

Avoid Further Infractions

As your Kitchener DUI lawyer will explain, any additional legal issues will not help your case at all. It’s not just a matter of avoiding any further charges for impaired driving or DUI. You also want to make sure you don’t incur any minor traffic violations or commit any act that could lead to another arrest. Make it a point to avoid people and places where there is an increased chance of making a mistake.

Say Little to Nothing About the Pending Case

Many Guelph DUI lawyers recommend that their clients avoid discussing the pending case with anyone other than the legal counsel. The point is to prevent someone from overhearing anything that could compromise the defence effort. By choosing to not talk about the case, especially in public places, there is less opportunity for anyone to interpret what you say in a manner that harms the defence strategy.

Continue With Your Basic Routine

While a portion of your time will be spent with the Kitchener DUI lawyer, your daily routine should remain as normal as possible. Continue to go to work, run errands, and socialize with friends. Take your morning walks and work out at the gym. Keep things as normal as possible.

One thing that will change is you should refrain from venues or events where there is the potential to accidentally have a little too much to drink. Stick with forms of entertainment that allow you to enjoy other types of beverages and make it easier to not overdo.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

It is important that you do not keep any of the important details from your virginia dui lawyer. Things like, what questions did the police ask you, or the speed you were travelling, or if the police prevented you from getting a lawyer. While these questions might seem to be too trivial for any basic human understanding, it is important that you pay attention to them. This is because they can have some repercussions on your dui case. Do not forget to miss even the slightest of details and keep any prior records or problems from your lawyers.

Most clients do tell their Guelph DUI lawyers everything they can remember during the initial consultation. There’s a good chance that other details may come to mind later. Never assume what you think of at a later date has no bearing on the case. Your best approach is to pass that information on to your legal counsel. Your lawyer is in a better position to determine if that additional fact is relevant and what impact, if any, it will have on the defence.

It’s true that your life will seem a little disheveled until your case is settled one way or another. The main thing to remember is that your conduct and your actions in general while you wait for your day in court must not compromise your case in any manner. Follow the advice provided by your Kitchener DUI lawyer and the odds of achieving the best possible outcome are higher.