The time after high school graduation is ideal for many opportunities. Whether your kids take a gap year before continuing their education or decide to find a job as soon as possible, there is a great sense of achievement that needs to be celebrated and build upon. With so many paths to choose from, your kid should opt for the one that seems the most beneficial. Naturally, the choice will depend on their wishes and abilities, but here are the six most popular ideas for things to do after leaving high school.

Traveling abroad

The newly gained freedom from exams and studying might be used to meet new cultures and people. Depending on the financial resources, such journeys can be relatively short or quite long and the choice of destination plays a great part in determining how long the trip will be. The best idea for such an adventure is to make travel arrangements as early as possible to get the best deals on tickets and accommodation. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the country they’ve always dreamed of going to or to visit relatives living far away.

Charity work

Even if your kid has never done any charity work during school years, they could allocate some time after graduation to help other people and communities. Whether they get involved in a project related to environment protection, animal rescue or some other worthy cause, they’ll be a part of a large movement focused on providing help. This will make them more aware of the world around them and develop empathy towards the less fortunate. So, get in touch with local charity organizations and find the one that is fighting for a cause close to your kid’s heart.

Fun trip

Many high school graduates around the world use the opportunity to travel and have great fun right after their final exams. This tradition is particularly popular in America, where students take a week or two off and visit some location where they can have loads of fun. Likewise, high school graduates in Australia also try to make the most of this period. They are already booking their place for the exciting schoolies 2020 with companies that take care of all arrangements. Such packages provide all the necessary insurance and are quite safe, while at the same time memorable.

Getting a job

Some kids like to use this time to get a temporary job in order to get an insight into what their future career might look like or simply to earn and save some money. Whatever the reason, the benefits are quite obvious. Not only do they get invaluable experience, but they also learn a lot about what kind of responsibility they’ll have to take on soon. If they are lucky enough to get a job in the field they feel passionate about and do well, they might even be offered a permanent position once their formal education ends.

Online entrepreneurship

If your kid has a knack for creating something that can be sold online, they might want to use this period to sell their products or know-how online. This will help them earn some money while doing something they enjoy, which will boost their self-esteem. Also, they wouldn’t have to make any significant investment apart from their time and even if they see they aren’t making as much as they were hoping, they’ll learn a very valuable lesson about how to succeed in business. It’s a win-win situation, actually, as they’ll either make some money or learn that failures are an inevitable part of business and that the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on.

Learning a skill or trade

Education can also be furthered outside school, which is why your kid might use this opportunity to join a course offered by trade and vocational schools to learn a valuable trade. They’ll receive a certificate of completion and learn a skill that they might want to use later in their career. Who knows, that knowledge might help them land a better-paid job in the future. So, whether it’s video game design, dental hygiene, cosmetology or graphic design, your kid can really use this period to learn something very practical that they are interested in. Whatever your kid decides to do after high school will surely benefit them in the long run. They might simply relax before embracing new challenges or use this time to learn something new, but unless they decide to spend the whole summer in their room, give them encouragement and allow them a chance to become more independent.


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