Texas: This is how the students beat their teacher after she intervened to break up a fight between them

his is how the students beat their teacher

This American teacher did not know that at that time she entered to disengage her students, and she would have the lion’s share of kicks and blows.

A video clip spread on social media during the past hours showed horrific footage of students from Texas attacking the assistant principal of the school who tried to break up a fight between them, which left her severely beaten and subsequently transferred to the hospital, unable to speak, according to her family, according to “New York”. Post”.

Brutal video

The altercation began between two ninth-graders in a corridor at Westfield High School in Houston, officials confirmed to The Post.

The rest of the students gathered around them, encouraging the quarrel, until its echo reached the officials, so the lady intervened until she found her share.

The schoolteacher fell to the ground as a result of the blows, then she was taken to the hospital unconscious after they jumped on her and beat her, then threw her to the ground, kicked her and pulled her by her hair.

In addition, the family said that their daughter is unable to speak and will need a CT scan.

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