Biden warns and thousands of flights are cancelled. Severe cold storm hits US

Warnings to nearly two-thirds of the population of severe weather, disrupting the travel plans of millions of Americans

Biden warns and thousands of flights are cancelled

On Friday morning, a large part of the United States felt the chill of intense coldness. The Midwest encountered an immense winter storm that induced warnings from officials to almost two-thirds of the population and created chaos in millions of American’s travel plans.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden urged all Americans to pay attention to their local weather and safety alerts due to the alarming situation. “Please take this storm seriously,” he said. “I encourage everyone to listen closely and heed warnings issued at a local level.”

As Christmas draws near, forecasters are warning of a violent winter storm that could develop into an intense “bomb hurricane”. The snowfall is predicted to become dense enough to reduce visibility from the northern plains and Great Lakes area all the way down to western New York. Additionally, piercing cold temperatures in combination with gusty winds may even reach as far south as US-Mexico border regions!

Bitterly cold

State authorities issued dire warnings of bitter cold temperatures throughout the Gulf Coast region, including Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

According to the US National Weather Service, a bomb hurricane is forecasted to bring snowfall of up to 1.25 centimeters per hour, accompanied by severe winds that may reduce visibility down to nothingness. This has resulted in the cancellation of over 5,000 flights scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

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