With the increasing standard of living and the development of water entertainment equipment industry, water slide amusement park emerges rapidly all over the world, which becomes a worthy and appealing investment for some people. Given the fierce competition and the prolonged returns on revenue, it’s a big deal to make an informed investment. In this article, we’ll walk you through three essential factors you should take into consideration when making decisions.

In summer, a water slide amusement park is definitely the top pick to bid goodbye to the hot and sultry weather. Immersing yourself in the cool and comfortable surroundings, you don’t need to care about your annoyance but enjoy a pleasing experience to your heart’s content. The attractive and exciting entertainment equipment in the water slide amusement park welcomes not only children but also adults, and not only one person but also a family. Besides, you will never get tired of all kinds of fun recreation facilities and the big water playground. In short, a visit paid to a water park can be one of your strongest memories. In fact, the emerging market of water slide amusement park triggers extensive investment at home and abroad. Many investors catch the good chance and try to make a quick buck. However, when faced with fierce competition and the prolonged returns on revenue, many investors claim that they don’t know how to make a good investment. Therefore, we list three essential factors for you and hope these may help you.

Slide Amusement Park

1. Investment Scale

Under the premise of rational investment in the water slide amusement park, the core principle of project positioning is appropriateness. Many aspects should be taken into consideration including the local economic standard, surrounding population, project location, traffic conditions and the consumption habits of the people near your water slide amusement park. Do not merely pursue a large scale of investment and neglect minor issue unless you are well-prepared.

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2. Selection of Two Types of Water Slide Amusement Park

In general, two common types of water parks are available for investors: indoor water slide amusement park and outdoor water slide amusement park. There are several differences between them and it will be wise of you to gain some knowledge before you make decisions. Firstly, the cost of an indoor water park is much higher than that of an outdoor water park, mainly in the construction cost. In terms of water park equipment, if restricted by the site, the size of it will be small, and even the customization will be recommended, causing the cost of development to become higher. Secondly, the construction cycle of an indoor water slide amusement park is longer than that of an outdoor water park on the same scale. Thirdly, business hours are not the same. It should be noted that, one remarkable feature of an indoor water park is that, it can open in all seasons of a year, providing a decent footfall for your business. However, the expense of controlling and adjusting the temperature may turn into a massive burden to investors. On the contrary, many outdoor water parks can only open in summer. Still, the open environment and the large-scale water amusement facility enable visitors to have fun in the hot dry summer.

Types of Water Slide Amusement Park

3. Amusement Equipment

At present, with the upgrading of consumption mode and first-hand experience requirements, the demand of tourists for water slide amusement park also increases. As for the limited number of participants, an increasing number of visitors are more inclined to choose multiplayer amusement equipment instead of a one-man slide. In terms of experience mode, thrilling, exciting and novel amusement equipment has gained full attention these years. For example, Combination Spiral Slide from Dalang features a combination of long polychrome slides curving above the water playground, offering a unique and unforgettable journey to visitors.


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