Drinking coffee in a non-negotiable part of everyday life for a majority of working adults. While the media typically publicizes the hindrances of consuming too much caffeine, coffee has many health benefits as well. Whether you simply like starting your day with a full cup, or need it to power through client meetings, trading stocks online,  or to get over that 2 p.m. slump, coffee is doing more than giving you energy.

Below, we detail 3 health bonuses of your daily cup of joe. Coffee is a convenient and amply available way to get all of these benefits, as many complain about the difficulty of making time to be healthy during a hectic day.

1. It has fat burning properties

According to numerous reports, caffeine can help your body burn fat by “boosting your metabolic rate by 3-11%.” Though this study also finds that these effects can diminish over time, many fat-burning supplements utilize caffeine as an essential ingredient. Therefore, you are providing your body with a natural way to lower body fat that also provides you with energy and fuel for the day’s tasks. You are getting this from a natural source, as opposed to processed with another chemicals that your body doesn’t need. Paired with proper nutrition, your coffee could be doing a lot more to help reduce unwanted body fat than you would have ever thought possible.

2. It will make you like your coworkers better

A study conducted by Sage Journals in their Journal of Psychopharmacology found that consuming coffee not only increased one’s ability to produce work but aided in creating a positive outlook on an individual’s coworkers. In their study, they found that those who consumed caffeine were more likely to rate their coworkers in a positive manner when given a subjective evaluation.

Translated: not only is your coffee going to make your work better, but it’s also going to make you like the people you work with more. As coffee has always been the gathering point of the office, now we know that it even aids in the creation of quality work that is generated by a team effort.

3. It has nutrients your body needs

We all know coffee has caffeine in it. It’s been the main element of the first two points in this article. What many people don’t realize is that coffee has other essential nutrients that help your body’s daily functions. Coffee contains vitamin B2, B5, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B3. These nutrients are essential for your overall health and can help avoid ailments such as contracting Type 2 Diabetes.

B2 is needed for body growth and overall health. . “According to  Coffee Dorks ” It is essential in breakdown the macronutrients of food (fats, carbohydrates, proteins) and produces energy for daily functions from this. B5 is essential for producing blood cells for a healthy, functioning body. Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte that helps your heart function correctly. If you’ve ever had someone tell you to drink gatorade because you’re sweating too much, it’s to replenish electrolytes which are lost through sweat. Potassium is a natural source of this for your body. Magnesium regulates your blood sugar levels, your muscular functions, and aids in the process of making bone. B3 is known to improve cholesterol levels and lower the risk of having a heart attack.


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