The time in your life when a newborn arrives is always such a special time regardless if it’s your child or the child of a family member or friend.

The joy and happiness that they bring into your life can’t actually be measured but they add so much.

And with their arrival, there is always a sense of gift-giving; something like a customized baby gift that your child can have as a keepsake into their adult lives.

With that in mind, we thought we’d put together this handy blog on what to buy the parents of a newborn.

And we reckon we’ve put together three handy little options that all parents of a newborn will absolutely love.

Personalised Baby Gifts

Personalised Baby Gifts

Looking for a gift with that personal touch? Look no further than personalised baby gifts.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a gift with your child’s name on it that they can keep forever.

Toys such as wooden puzzles, wooden trains or wooden animals are all great options for you to choose from.

They can be made from high quality wood and come in some amazing pastel colours, and, best of all, you can have your child’s name placed on them.

Furthermore, and to assist with a baby developing its fine motor skills, a lot of these wooden toys are designed with big pieces to make it easy for a baby to pick them up.

For example, wooden puzzles for babies typically come with 5-7 pieces so they can easily pick them up and put them back on the board again.

Obviously, an alphabet puzzle has 26 pieces but the pieces are still large enough so it’s easy for a baby to pick them up.

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This one is obviously a no brainer but all parents of a newborn are going to need clothes and plenty of them!

Newborns might be small but they grow at a rapid rate during those first 12 months so what fits today won’t fit in 3 months’ time. Trust us on this one!

We reckon clothes such as jumpsuits, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, blankets, beanies, leggings, and socks are all necessary items in a newborn’s wardrobe.

Best of all, it’s one less item that parents have to worry about purchasing so we reckon they’ll very much appreciate any of the above clothing options as a gift.

Children’s Books

Children Books

Children’s books are a great gift idea for a newborn because, much like a personalised baby gift, they’ll be able to have these books as a keepsake.

Timeless classics such as Cinderella, Jack & the Beanstalk, and the Three Little Pigs are all books that a newborn parent can read to them at this age.

Alternatively, you could take the personalised route and find a book that tells a story about a child with the same name going on an adventure.

We’ve found that these are a great addition to any newborn’s set of books that can be placed on their bookshelf.

Either way, children’s books are always a winner when it comes to a gift for a parent of a newborn.

Whether it be personalised baby gifts, clothing or children’s books, we reckon you can never go wrong when choosing a gift for the parents of a newborn.