Tiles can play a vital role in making the room look as large as possible. Let us take a closer look at tile patterns that will make rooms look bigger.

Tiles are an incredibly versatile tool when it comes to designing any living space or home. It is extremely versatile and it can be found in a bunch of different varieties, shapes and sizes and also at vastly different price points. We all have a budget when we are decorating our homes or remodeling them and making sure that you make do within the means of that budget is important for a lot of us.

Therefore, there isn’t any other material that is as versatile as tiles and also has such a wide range of prices that can fit any budget, from the most extravagant to the least expensive. The best thing about Seattle Tile Installation is that it can even make your space look bigger than it actually is if you install them correctly. This can be a huge benefit for most of the world’s population that is living in large urban metropolitan areas. In these areas, space is a luxury and is one that not too many people can afford much of.

When trying to make the space you are designing with tiles to be larger, make sure that you are prepared and are privy of the knowledge on how to do it properly. It can only be done with the proper implementation of the correct colors, sizes and also some ideas that are trusted by experts.

Tiles are something that is relatively easy to maintain, is available in a whole host of shapes, sizes and styles and they offer the absolute optimal choice for ambience, style and comfort as well.

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Dark Colored Tiles

While you will always get a lot of suggestions to keep colors light when it comes to the matter of impressing visitors of your home, the fact of the matter is that darker tiles create the illusion of there being much more space than there actually is. They are, in fact, the perfect thing for making a room appear larger than it actually is if you just think out of the box a little bit and follow a few tips from experts. When it comes to darker tiles, shape is the key to adding a sense of depth to a space. Try to choose an irregular design that is a unique pattern or shape. This will go a very long way in making your rooms appear larger than it actually is, which is the entire point of this article

Take for instance diagonal tiles, they are the absolute perfect way to make any narrow room appear wider than it is. Additionally, if you are to use darker tiles, consider the option of making the other elements in the room lighter. You can use colors that are lighter on the walls, ceiling and also furniture and decor. 

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Light Colored Tiles: How to choose patterns to make them look larger

As most of the professional designers and experts will tell you, one of the best ways of actually bringing in a sense of space is to use lighter colored tiles which are absolutely incredible at giving off the illusion that there is more space than there actually is. Lighter tiles can also give off an airy feeling when they reflect light rather than absorbing it completely.

Light also happens to be a very important element when it comes to giving a space an open feeling. You should consider skylights and also solar tubes which are natural alternatives. Also,try and aim for a floor that is matching and also a wall color that is matching. This will result in a look that is very harmonious while you consider the actual configuration of the tiles.

Lighting is also an important element in giving space an open feeling. Consider skylights and solar tubes as a natural alternative. Aim for a matching floor and wall color for a harmonious look while considering the configuration of your tiles.

Solid Color, no pattern

Colored tiles which are plain are also a very good option to give off the illusion that there is a large space. You should ideally make use of plain patterned tiles that have very minimal and contrasting accents which are colored. Natural tones and tones that resemble cream for solid colored tiles definitely hold in them the potential to make any room appear much larger.

How to use tile patterns to make a room look bigger: Big scale tiles

Tiles that are larger in scale are no longer used just for commercial structures. Homeowners are now also able to enjoy a lot of options when it comes to tiles that are of the larger variety. Designers normally say that the larger the tile actually is, there is that much more possibility to make more of an impression. Residential tiles now come in a large number of sizes due to the demands of the market.

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