The design of your trade show demonstrates your company and determines the show marketing success. A nicely designed exhibit will attract numerous visitors, support your objectives, reflect the uniqueness of your brand and leave a long-lasting impression on visitors. A trade show exhibit design company keeps pushing the bar higher with environments that don’t only outshine in design but are practical and interactive. In this article, we have put together tips with well-known examples that masterfully combines style and functionality for a successful trade show exhibit.

1. Brand Consistency

No matter if you are running a well-established business or a small niche company, the need for brand consistency is crucial for an efficacious trade show. One popular example is Triangle Suspension. They were able to develop a strong brand consistency by endorsing three different product lines under a cohesive look and feel. The themed space along with appealing colors and product imageries were highly appreciated.

2. Stand Out

If you want to stand out on a trade show in the presence of several other companies, you may want to have a bold trade show design. For instance, Promega created a store-front look featuring brick-textured illustrations. The design significantly grabbed the attention of visitors and stood out from the crowd.

3. Learn Before You Lead

Since an investment is required for a nicely designed trade show, it’s important to learn from those who are proficient. Get inspiration from the renowned trade exhibition designs. Take out some of your precious time to explore other companies and learn how they market their products and services. No matter how much you are prepared, you can always learn something new from the experienced exhibitors.

4. Be Lively

Business trade shows can be boring sometimes. For this, you may want to incorporate games into your space and break up the boredom to attract visitors. We cannot forget to mention the Winfield who created a glistening and green branded environment that featured backyard games. That way, they engaged prospects on the trade show floor.

5. Social Evidence Leads to Reliance

When you see other people engaged with a brand, you probably think of what is this buzz is all about. One smart technique is to get your employees in the trade show and ask them to surround your booth. While all of you are interacting, it will attract other people who would certainly like to visit your exhibit.

6. Create an Experience

If you are unable to display your business offering in an interactive manner, you may consider creating an experience. For instance, Charity Water generates clean and safe water resources for distant villages in developing countries where people don’t have sustainable water facility. On their exhibition shows, they invite visitors to walk 40lb jugs of water through a 50 yd platform. The activity gives them a unique experience of villagers’ life in a developing nation who struggle hard every day to fetch water from far located rivers.

7. Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you have a small or big space, make sure to maximize each square foot to your benefit. Consider an example of Life Talk Radio who used a branded chip wall arrangement for a creative radio studio set up on the show floor. The small space has efficiently communicated the brand message to attendees of the show.

8. Be Hospitable

A warm welcome will perhaps create a great impression on the visitors. You may want to serve a coffee, comfortable seating or some baked cookies that almost everyone loves. Treat your exhibition as your home. One of the foremost things people often notice when they step into your home is the aroma. Here some home baked cookies can do the job well and people can’t help but feel warmly welcomed.

9. Clear and Orderly

Wide and open spaces give an inviting feel to anyone passing by especially from the busy crowded walkway of the trade show. For instance, Mitsubishi’s exhibition was surrounded by low walls which made it pretty easy for visitors to view the space inside the booth. The layout was open and uncluttered offering a relaxing environment for communication.


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