When someone you care about is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be a huge blow to the entire family.  Watching a loved one’s memory fade slowly can be devastating.

However, with enough information and resources, you can do your best to help your loved one through their journey.  Here are some of the best tips for being supportive of the person that you love with Alzheimer’s.

Do Your Research

The more that you know about the disease, the more that you’ll know what to expect as it progresses.  One of the hardest parts of diagnosis is waiting and worrying. However, by educating yourself, you’ll have an idea of what to expect.  You’ll know the best options for treatment as well as the latest breakthroughs in research.

By educating yourself, you’ll be able to care for them better on a day to day basis.  You’ll know that there is only so much that you can do to help them with their memory loss.  The best thing you can do is love them and help them cope the best that they can. Accept that the progression of memory loss is inevitable rather than trying to fight it.

Look For Helpful Resources

There are all sorts of sources of help for your loved one.  Try to take note of places where they might be able to find services and assistance.  You may want to place them in an assisted living home or move them in with another family member.

Make a list of all of your options and keep it on hand.  While you’re looking for help for your loved one, consider looking for help for yourself as well.  You may want to join a support group or start therapy.

Be An Effective Communicator

Communicating with a person with Alzheimer’s doesn’t like interacting with a regular person.  They may latch on to delusions or incorrect assumptions as a result of the disease.  Don’t argue with them or try to convince them otherwise.  It will only send them into a state of panic and anger.

Establish a Routine

One of the best ways to help yourself cope is to create a regular routine between the two of you.  Try to establish a set time that you go to see them and try to develop a schedule of activities that you do together.  It will help you feel a sense of regularity as well as them.

Accept Your Relationship As It Progresses

Alzheimer’s can be one of the most heartbreaking diseases for family members of the affected because it’s hard to watch your relationships change.

The person that you once knew and were accustomed to doing certain things with will soon no longer be that same person anymore.  It’s important to remember that they will change, and you should accept that your relationship will too.