In the field of medicine, anything can happen, at any time. That is why it is important to be consistently prepared. A medical facility is trusted to be stocked with the best equipment available in order to save lives. Therefore, every decision counts when determining the kinds of equipment that should be purchased. Let’s take a look at medical carts. Medical cart is a bit of a broad term, after all, there are many “medical carts”. The carts that this article is referring to are the ones that hold medication, emergency equipment, and medical supplies. So, how do you choose a medical cart that will confidently determine your success?

1. To Wheel or Not to Wheel?

When beginning to shop for a medical cart, it’s important to consider it’s used. Will this cart be stationary in a patient’s room, perhaps used as a cabinet that holds supplies that can be moved if needed? Or is the purpose of the cart to be transported between rooms or buildings?Medical Carts on Wheels are the obvious choice in the latter situation but it is very much dependent on the needs of the facility.

2. Does it Need a Lock?

Let’s get real here. If you leave a cabinet in a patient’s room when they are alone or if they have family sitting with them, drawers will be opened and inspected. Everyone does it. Locks are an important accessory to a medical cart, especially if it is filled with medications instead of minor equipment like gloves. Still, if you decide to go with locks on your medical cart, think about keys. Does one key fit multiple carts or will the staff need to label and carry around multiple keys? Depending on the intended use of the cart, sorting through multiple keys with a patient in distress could end in disaster.

3. Style

Medical carts are offered in all different styles. Some have wood paneling covering them to look more homely and make a patient more comfortable. Some look more sterile in plain plastic or metal. The style of the cart should reflect the feeling that the facility is trying to portray to the patients. If it is a long-term care facility, then the wood paneling may make patients feel less like they are in a hospital and more like they are at least kind of at home.

4. Budget

Ever heard that you get what you pay for? Don’t take this lightly in the world of medical carts. While the price shouldn’t be outrageous, you shouldn’t expect to go bargain hunting. That being said, read the reviews. Displeased customers are nearly always the ones inclined to leave a review.  

5. Customer Service

When you decide on a few carts that you’d like to get a quote on, never underestimate the value of customer service. There is nothing worse than purchasing an expensive piece of equipment and having a problem with it, only to find that the company couldn’t care less about your problems. That is money wasted and poor research done. Don’t let that reflect badly on you. Most medical cart companies do not actually list a price on their carts, instead of asking you to call for a quote. Use this to your advantage and get a glimpse of what it is like to work with them!

Choosing the right medical cart for your facility is an important decision. Keep those five tips in mind during your search and you’ll end up with a great cart that will stand the test of time!


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