Office Options: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Space for Your New Business

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Space for Your New Business

Whether you’re looking at offices for lease in the Melbourne CBD or commercial property in San Francisco, there are a few key steps that can help you select the perfect office space to suit your needs. It’s important to avoid rushing this decision, especially if you’re considering purchasing a property or entering a long-term lease. So, before you sign any contracts, consider the following tips for selecting the ideal office:

1. Location matters

Whether you’re looking for a space just for you or an office to occupy a large team, location should be one of your top priorities. If you have a team, it’s crucial to bring them in on the decision-making process as you want to ensure everyone has the easiest commute possible.

Other locational factors to consider include proximity to public transport, restaurants, cafés, green spaces, retail areas, gyms, and any other facilities you and your team value.

2. Make sure it fits your business plan

By now, you’ve hopefully constructed a solid business plan covering your current and future goals. If you haven’t, now is the time to do so, as this will be an important guiding factor when selecting your office. You need a space that suits your current needs and goals, but that also gives you the space, freedom, and flexibility you’ll need as you hit the milestones in your business plan.

For example, you might find a great small space in the CBD that suits your needs now, but if it comes with a long lock-in contract, it might end up hindering your growth over the coming years.

3. Choose a space that gives you options

You and your team will be far more happy and productive if you have an office that gives you the freedom to work in different ways. This means choosing a space that has a common work area and break room but also private spaces and meeting rooms.

If this sounds like it’ll be outside your budget, consider looking at serviced office spaces near you. While you will have to book things like boardrooms and quiet spaces, serviced office buildings are a great way to give yourself plenty of options without the massive overheads of a large private office. As a bonus, most modern serviced offices also offer things like standing desks, access to a fitness center, healthy meal options, and ergonomic office furniture.

4. Don’t be shy about negotiating

Whether you’re buying a property or leasing a serviced office, it’s always worth seeing if there’s some wiggle room on the price. So, brush up on your negotiating skills, go in with a plan, and see what you can do.

5. Take a tour and trust your instincts

Even if you have a brilliant real estate broker helping you find the perfect space, it’s crucial that you go along for site visits yourself. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorite options, it’s also worth seeing if you can bring your team along for an inspection. Have a debrief afterward, and see how everyone feels.

Spend enough time in the place to get a feel for how comfortable it is. If it’s within your price range but exposed to constant grinding and hammering from a nearby factory, it’ll end up being a nightmare. The same goes for things like lighting, internet reliability, and even the general ambiance of the place. If the office is drab and depressing, this may have a surprising impact on your productivity.

Work through these steps, and you should soon find the perfect office space for you and your growing business.