Buying a home for you and your loved ones is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. This means you should spend hours and hours looking for that one house you’ve always dreamed of. However, things don’t get easier once you believe you’ve found it. Instead, you need to perform a home inspection in order to make sure that home is worth investing in. But how exactly do you perform an effective home inspection? Here are five tips that are guaranteed to help.

Test for mold

Your health and the health of your loved ones is something you need to make a priority when buying a house. With that said, probably the last thing you want is to buy a house only to learn there are harmful pockets of mold everywhere between the walls. Mold can cause skin irritations, eye irritations and nasal stuffiness, which means making sure there’s none in your new home is a must. You can buy a mold test kit and take samples yourself but a quicker option is to have an expert come and take a look at the house with you.

Don’t be fooled by new constructions

One of the biggest mistakes many first-time home buyers make is assuming new constructions equal quality. Sometimes, a new feature might increase the price of the home but ends up costing the new home owner even more. Green homes are popular in Australia right now and if the previous owner went for eco-friendly design, you need to check whether their solar panels and other technologies meet all regulations. Look into the possibility of having a sustainability expert come and check out how sustainable the house really is. Also, if there are any new backyard features, double-check which materials they’re made from.

Don't be fooled by new constructions

Check the alarm systems

Most companies prefer not to move their alarm system after they’ve been installed as they can benefit from leaving it for the new homeowner to use it. However, if the previous owner used a DIY alarm system, they might end up taking it with them. So, take the opportunity to check whether there’s already an alarm system installed. Also, don’t forget about smoke alarms as they’re an important part of every home. If there are no smoke alarms installed, talk to a local electrician and see how much installing one will cost. Luckily, finding a good Sydney electrician won’t be tough.

Show up

What many people do is hire a home inspection expert and wait for them to come back with the results. If you want to be 100% sure the home you’re interested in indeed is the home of your dreams, showing up to the home inspection is a much better idea. Not only does it mean you get to take a closer look at any issues the inspector finds, but it also allows you to point out things you believe might need repairing or replacing. If the house is located in an area that receives a lot of rain, asking them to check for leaks is recommended.

roof Home Inspection

Don’t forget about the roof

The roof is probably the most overlooked part of the modern home. Still, the roof can say a lot about the state of the house and help you make your decisions. For example, if there are any missing shingles or water stains on the roof, it might indicate that the house isn’t in the condition it first seemed. Moreover, it’s important to mention that any roof problems might compromise the attic or the highest floor in the house. Whether you do everything on your own or you’ve hired a home inspector, checking the roof is really a no-brainer.

Conducting a home inspection is one of the key aspects of buying a home. Take a closer look at every corner of the house and only that way will you be sure you’ve opted for the right home for you and your family.


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