Some people find it hard to fit yard work into their schedules.  The idea of working in the backyard may seem overwhelming if you’ve got a lot to do.  However, keeping your yard looking good doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

While there are people who take meticulous care of their yard, spend hours in the flower garden, and hire professional lawn services, you don’t necessarily have to go these measures yourself to keep things in shape.

Sometimes it’s a matter of getting into the habit of a few small daily tasks which don’t require much effort.  Here are some of the best tips and tricks for keeping your yard looking great, without adding hours to your workload.

Water Your Grass

Most lawn experts will tell you that about an inch of water per week is enough to keep it healthy.  You can stand outside yourself with a hose, or you can install a sprinkler system on a timer.

You may want to opt for a sprinkler system if you want the least amount of responsibility possible.  Not only does it make less work for you, but it’s a great way to avoid over-watering.

Prune Your Trees

Letting the branches of your trees get too overgrown will quickly start to affect your yard’s appearance.  Since every tree grows differently, there’s no set rule on how often you should prune.

However, a good indication is when you start to see things getting visibly unruly.  Long and extremely leafy branches are a sign it’s probably a good time to call a trimming service.

Don’t wait too long or you’ll create an even bigger hassle for yourself.


While compost isn’t all that attractive, it will make your plants and garden more attractive! Compost provides affordable fertilization for a fraction of the price.  Plus, you’re saving the earth! It’s a win-win!

Weed Every Now And Then

We’re not saying that you have to get on your hands and knees every time you see a dandelion spring up, but be smart.  Letting weeds grow for too long will eventually create a big problem.

Try to take some time at least twice a month and pull those weeds out!  Dealing with them gradually as they arrive is much easier than tackling a large amount all at once.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

When the summer months roll around, and you’re ready to start hosting barbecues, it’s time to use that patio furniture.  However, if you didn’t cover it all winter through the dew and rain, it’s going to be a rotting green mess. That’s not very inviting to your guests.

It’s as easy as throwing a cover over it until the weather is clear.  Otherwise, degraded outdoor furniture will detract from your yard’s pizzazz.

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