Computers make our work easier. And therefore, we all enjoy the convenient they brought to our life. However, at times they fail us by not performing as expected, and we get annoyed not knowing somehow we contribute to their failure. Well, if you didn’t know, you should know.

A well-maintained laptop is likely to serve you better, and for longer, unlike an unmaintained machine. Here is what you need to do;   

1. Protect it from dirt

Computers are well known to absorb dust very fast. When the soil is trapped on its fan, it makes your computer to heat up hence lowering its performances. Using a dusty laptop is also not good as it can affect your health as well. Ensure your computer is in the bag whenever not in use to keep it away from dirt. Wipe out the dust on your desktop computer every day before starting it and do the internal clean up occasionally.

2. Install antivirus software

Your computer can be affected by malware and especially if you’re using it online. This affects not only the speed of your computer, but it can damage your files too. To avoid it, you need to install an antivirus to scan any sent document before you open on your machine. Also, examine any USB memory and the whole computer more often. Different types of antivirus and internet securities software are now available in the online markets; hence you don’t have to go an inch from your machine to ensure it’s safe from malware.

3. Update the system often

An outdated operating system will drag the performance of your computer. Therefore, be alert any time a system update is available to keep your laptop up-to-date to run it smoothly. Make sure also to update your computer drivers as well. For motherboard BIOs updates, it requires professionals such as Managed IT Services Adelaide to do the update for you.

4. Clean up your computer

Dirt isn’t the only threat to your computerToo much junk in your cache, system, and drives will also affect the performance of your machine negatively. Therefore, always ensure you clear your browser history, delete the unnecessary files such as music that you no longer listen to, and uninstall unwanted programs to refresh your computer’s memory and improve its functioning. Also, back up your files often to ensure they’re safe in case it crashes. 

5. Be careful when plugging anything in the ports

Always ensure you insert every drive/ cable to its port. Confusing an Ethernet cable port with that of a flash disk may cause costly damage to your machine. Connect your desktop computer with a UPS to protect it from electric surges and to help you back up your data.

Just like how tiredness affects human beings’ productivity, your computer as well is affected by too much junk and becomes slow. So, if you want it to stop delays when you’re browsing or using it offline, you need to release some of its files and programs from memory and give it some time to rest. Shut it down using the right way and keep it for a while before turning it on again.


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