Tips for Maintaining your Furniture

Furniture is a necessity, no one will ever wish for a house which is empty or built in such a way that it would not limit your love for having the best type of furniture around, many people who buy a big house despite of having a small family are doing so because they want to have a huge place where they can place all their favorite chairs and sofas, without making their house look congested at all.

Now, there is a high risk of getting low quality furniture as vendors and buyers, are trying to save time and online shopping is on its peak. While buying make sure that you have picked the best site for furniture such as from here and if in case you do not have access then Ikea is the last option, especially for those who wont compromise on quality, there are a few things which you need to keep in mind while buying furniture and I will highly recommend youngsters to take some elders for guidance.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some very old and significantly life changing tips for cleaning and maintaining your old furniture, many people will think that they do not need to take care of their furniture, but I would always recommend you to take great care of your furniture.

The reason for this emphasizes is the crises which recently struck, one of my best friends. She did not realize that she must set something as her asset. Your old furniture can be an asset and you must take some petty steps for keeping your articles neat and clean. So that when you are having rainy days, then you must not feel alone and out of money.

Here are some tips, which experts will tell you, I happened to collect and record these tips in a recent interaction with one of our family’s best carpenter.

1.    Do not let the sunlight warm them

Your wooden furniture, which is made up of pure wood, has got some nice polishes on it which is liable of getting cracked and destroyed on excessive heating.

Sunlight can burn the upper layer of polish ultimately exposing the inner wooden layer, which can look very dull and old. So, if in case you have got some other options left for placing your wooden furniture, you must not put that in direct sunlight at all.

2.    Dusting regularly

You can not expect your house furniture to stand for long, if there is no routine for dusting. Small and tiny dust particles can be really damaging for your furniture.

You may have noticed that a lot of small furniture items which are highly polished, these polishes make the article extra apparent. You must make sure that you are cleaning such items regularly, then and only then your furniture will look presentable.

3.    Cleaning leather article

Most of our sofas and chairs are covered with leather seats and there is always a high chance that they can get dirty with hands or some spills. Especially fi you have got kids around. So, you cannot clean the leather with the same techniques.

That is why, you must use, mild soaps which are non-detergents. Moreover, you can also use some cleaning butters and oils, which are specially designed for leather.

Cleaning with water and detergents, can take off the outer layer of leather which is responsible for giving it it’s due shine.

4.    Cleaning wood

For cleaning wood, you must try to buy any polish which has not got any sort of silicon in it. having silicon in polish is not a good idea, because it can dry up that area of your furniture.

5.    Do not drag

You are not supposed to drag your furniture and then expect it to be the best type of thing, which will stay intact for decades. Be very careful, in case of heavy objects. Ask for somebody’s helps before dragging, lifting your articles and placing them at the desired place is the only option.

6.    Change their location

If you want to give the all-time attractive look to your house, then the best thing to do is to change and rotate their positions after every few months.


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