While summer is a way off still, there’s nothing like a little planning to make sure you navigate the long holidays like a seasoned parent. This is a time when the kids can relax and drop their regular sleeping pattern for something more leisurely and it is important that you know what they are doing at all times.

Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect school summer holiday for your kids.

  • Organise a summer camp – This will take up 2-3 weeks of the holiday and if you search with Google, you will find special after school care in Concord West with a wide range of summer courses. They will meet other children and engage in challenging outdoor activities; you can choose between a trip where they go away, or you can send them every day from Monday to Friday, whichever you prefer.
  • Help around the house – Why not give your kids a chance to earn some pocket money over the summer holidays? Choose suitable tasks and stick a chart on the kitchen wall that details who is doing what. Giving your kids responsibilities is good for developing their character, plus the backyard and driveway will always look in great shape if the kids are on the case. It is only when children have a lot of free time on their hands that they become mischievous and if they have chores, they must be responsible enough to do them. Click here for top tips to keep your kids healthy, which is a must-read for every parent.
  • Bedtime – While there’s nothing wrong with temporarily removing the bedtime curfew during the holidays, it is hard when they have to go back to getting up early. You could gradually get back to school times by making bedtime earlier week by week and when the new term is about to start, they will already be in the groove, so to speak. Most parents have to deal with the aftermath of 6 weeks of late sleeping, which can be difficult for the children.
  • Camping in the garden – Many people have fond memories of camping in the back garden when they were young and if you have a tent and all the gear, why not invite the children to set up a camp? This gives them the adventure aspect, while camping in the back yard is about as safe as it gets; you and your partner can take it in turns to sleep in the tent, if the kids are too young to be left unsupervised.
  • Take some time off work – If you can manage a week off during their holidays, that’s great. Many parents take their annual holiday at this time and take the family away for a proper holiday, but if this isn’t an option, take time off and take your kids on day trips. Planning day trips is easy using Google and if you have the time, prepare some activities related to the venue and the kids will also learn something. Click here for government information on working from home.
  • Get the school assignments out of the way – No doubt your kids will have a bunch of school assignments to complete over the holiday period and rather than the kids doing this last minute, help them to get through it all within the first week of the holiday, which then allows them complete freedom to do what they please (within reason). Of course, the amount of homework would be relevant to their age, ranging from some colouring and ABC, to writing essays in high school.

If you are fortunate enough to work from home, having the kids around won’t really affect you too much, although most of your work will be done when the kids are asleep. If you and your partner take it in turns to stay at home, this arrangement also works, as you share the responsibility.

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