Many people have memories embedded in their minds – the moment they realized that adults at a certain age begin losing their rights. Maybe it was the moment your grandfather could no longer be allowed to drive their car or the time when you had to take over your parents’ finances. Such moments are bound to exist even for you. However, it is important to be prepared for these moments to remain independent even in old age.

Invest in yourself

Proper nutrition, physical activity, and mental stimulation are all vital for good health. Investing in these activities can help you feel better both physically and mentally. While at it, make sure you nurture your hobbies and take up new ones as well. Investing in yourself will go a long way in helping you to maintain your functional independence for as much as you can. 

Create a safe environment

When you create a safe home environment, you will be in a position to get rid of all the hazardous elements that would prevent you from living an independent life. For that reason, you’ll need to take a proactive approach to ensure home safety by preventing slips and falls which could result in injury that would create mobility challenges. Be certain to keep your surrounding hazard-free by securing loose electrical wires, getting rid of rugs, and eliminating other trip hazards.

Create time for socializing

Maintaining solid social relationships will offer you the network you need to ensure an independent lifestyle. Whether it’s lunch with friends, a weekly call with family, or a game night with relatives, it is imperative to make social time part of your routine. Remember, independence does not mean isolation!

Identify Challenges

Older adults sometimes hide their challenges from others and this often leads to stress which ends up creating problems down the road. Being in a position to identify the changes in one’s abilities and accepting such changes can be an effective coping strategy when it comes to aging. Create a list of all the tasks that are challenging, then focus on tasks that are most difficult for you.  Concealing your problems or living in denial only makes things difficult for you. Identifying the challenges you are facing will help you access the resources you need to gain control of your life. 

Explore solutions

An essential part of maintaining independence is being empowered in the decision-making process. After acknowledging the challenges, make sure you pull your resources to come up with effective solutions. You may choose to delegate tasks to those who are willing to assist. Alternatively, you can ask your relatives to assist you to address some of the challenges you are facing.  There are various ways they can get paid to take care of a family member if they are looking to make money in the process. For instance, if you find it difficult driving from one point to another, you may choose to hire a family member to help you move from point A to point B.

Final word

Staying independent even in old age requires the correct mindset. If you can take care of your physical and mental health, then you are more likely to maintain your independence.


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