Contrary to popular belief, travelling with ageing parents is blissful and memorable rather than being troublesome. It all depends on how you plan your trip. People who have taken trips with their parents have said that there has to be some amount of preparedness for the unexpected when travelling with ageing parents, which needs to be taken care of in advance.

If you’re well-prepared, you’re ready for the trip. Also, it is essential to ask your parents where they would prefer to travel. You don’t want to book from the Kerala holiday packages only to know they are eyeing an international destination. It may just cause an unnecessary increase in expenses as well as hassles.

Here are the few tips to make travelling with parents fun and memorable.

Take care of medical needs

It is very well-known that most parents in their later life are on some medications. You need to ensure that you have relevant medical records, medication supply as well as SOS medicines handy with you on the trip. Having some medication as a precaution and preventive measure depending on where you are travelling is also essential.

If your itinerary requires much bus-time, travelling on the loopy mountain roads, or any such specific inclusions that can induce health reaction, having medication for motion sickness, nausea, headache, or similar, can be beneficial.

Go for a slow-paced trip

Ageing parents may find it challenging to keep up with fast-paced trips that require the entire day of touring and getting started again early the next morning. Such an exhaustive trip would irritate them and end up ruining their health and your mood. Going for a slow-paced trip is recommended when going on a vacation with ageing parents so that they can enjoy the beauty of the place at their own pace.

You should plan the trip according to your parents’ age, health, and fitness level. In order words, don’t try to force your travel pace on them.

Respect your parent’s preferences

When planning a vacation with your parents, it is essential to talk to them about their choices, activities they want to participate in, and if they have anything on their mind that they want to share regarding the trip. Prioritising their preferences is essential as it would keep them from getting irritated on tour or feeling bored. The tour you plan should be conducive for older adults, and the itinerary must not only revolve around places, sight-seeing, and other inclusions that are youth-specific.

Be patient

Accept the fact that during the trip, there would be times when things might not go as you planned. Moreover, it may be due to your parents. However, do not, in any way, make your parents feel unimportant or that they are causing inconvenience to you. Be patient and keep reassuring your parents that everything is fine. It would help them stay relaxed and focus on enjoying the trip naturally without having to act pretentious.

Plan your finances in advance

When travelling with parents, the finance has to be meticulously planned to ensure the trip is designed to be comfortable, if not necessarily, luxurious. Secondly, there has to be an element of emergency preparedness when it comes to budgeting trip with parents. Having contingency funds while travelling is essential, regardless of whether you are going with your parents or not.

However, when you’re travelling with parents, having sufficient funds to take care of medical emergencies, doctor consultation, or extended stay in case of illness, is essential.


The whole point of going on a vacation is to enjoy, and just because you are with ageing parents, the agenda shouldn’t be any different. Bond with your parents, talk about things you don’t usually back at home, take photos, and spend quality time.

Following these tips would ensure that your family trip is memorable and everyone in the trip, including your parents, enjoys it to the full. It would help you enjoy the journey rather than remaining worried and concerned about your parents all the time.