If you are an avid gamer who is looking for the ultimate gaming set up, you’ve come to the right place, as in this article, we tell you about some of the ways that you can enhance your gaming experience. Whether you play on a desktop PC or a gaming laptop, you no doubt keep your eye on the latest hardware that is emerging; for gamers, this is an exciting time to be around.

Here are a few tips to make your gaming experience that much richer.

  • Think ergonomics with your seating – Invest in a quality gaming chair and watch your performance soar! Yes, it will cost some money, but a good quality gaming chair with built-in surround speakers and memory foam means you can play all night and all day without feeling tired. Always read the pro reviews, as these guys really do put the products through an ordeal and this is a great indication of quality. The reviewers usually give stars and anything over 4.5 is regarded as excellent.
  • Get 5G – If you are able, subscribe to a 5G provider and you can experience 10x speeds that come with this generation of connectivity. If you can’t get 5G where you live, select a higher bandwidth with a leading ISP, which will eliminate delay.
  • Consider a custom-built PC – There are Thai suppliers selling custom build PC machines at very affordable prices and this is the ultimate gaming platform; state of the art CPU, hi-end graphics card, lots of RAM and a couple of SSDs.
  • Multi-screen gaming – Once you play on a multi-screen set up, you won’t want to return to single screen gaming, not ever! You can get curved monitors with high refresh rates and improved colour spectrum; check with Google for a leading Thai supplier of top-rated computer components and hardware and you can compare products and prices.
  • Bluetooth headphones – For the ultimate in sound, invest in a hi-end set of Bluetooth headphones. This will also be popular with those you live with and, of course, you can switch to your surround speaker when you are alone at home. The headset has a built-in mic, so chatting with other players online is easy. Here are a few tips when looking for gaming equipment.
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse – Buy a wireless gaming keyboard and a wireless mouse for the best interaction. If you search online, you will find many computer stores that sell the best hardware and accessories and comparing prices is a breeze with Google. Logitech are probably the market leaders and they make a wide range of devices, all top quality.
  • Personalised controller – For the ultimate in game control, get yourself a personalised controller; there are several great brands and you are advised to try out the unit before making a purchase. We all have our own unique preferences re game control and there are no rules.
  • Lighting – We couldn’t leave out illumination; while most gamers like a dark room with only monitor and keyboard lighting, you can get cool light USB units that are adjustable if you need some task lighting. Opticians advise gamers to break for 10 minutes every 25-30 minutes, leaving the room and going outside and focusing on things far away. It strains the eyes when we focus close up for long periods; pro gamers have their own unique ways to deal with eye-strain and there’s a lot of info online if you search. Eye health is a very important aspect and one that the government cares about.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can enhance your gaming experience and over a period of time, you can create the perfect gaming ambience and when you get home from a hard day at the office, it is time to immerse yourself in the exciting world of online gaming.