Who doesn’t love traveling? Everyone loves to explore new places and culture, be it an adult or Student. But what is the main factor which stops us from traveling? The obvious answer would be money and its true also. The cost factor becomes the biggest hurdle especially if you are a student. So, does that means the student cannot go to new places?

The answer would be obviously no. If you plan your trip carefully and keep few things in mind then obviously you can enjoy the trip in the low budget also. It’s a wrong misconception that traveling is expensive.

The first thing that you have to figure out is the proper location. Well, there are many locations which you can explore but one of the most chosen one in Europe. Students love to visit Europe simply because it has a wide variety of culture. You will have a chance to interact with different people, see some of the natural beauty which might take your breath away.

So, how to plan for a trip on Student Budget. Well, let’s see some of the important points that might help you to resolve this question.

traveling Europe on Student Budget1. Plan ahead of journey date

You should try to plan the trip and activities which you are going to do on that trip beforehand. You should try to make a budget for each activity. So, first try to figure out what is your maximum expenditure capacity and then make the budget accordingly.

2. Try to avoid summer Trip

Summer is the worst time to visit Europe. Prices are super high at this time, you will not find any good hotel at the low price. This is because all the local people are on holiday during this time.

So, try to travel in offseason. Hotels tend to offer more than 35% discount during this period.

3. Browse the internet for low price hotels

One of the biggest expenditure that one has to bear while traveling is the cost of the hotel. So, try to browse the hotels for low cost beforehand. You could try to book the hotel 2-3 month earlier than the trip as some of the hotels tend to give a huge discount on advance booking. You may visit student discount uk for the discounts you will need.

Try to look for the hotel which is not in the main town as they cost less.

Take the train4. Try to avoid tour packages

You should try to avoid the companies offering tour packages as they tend to charge more. Just go to the hotel and try to interact with some local people and get the information about the places which you can visit nearby.

This will save you a hell lot of money.

5. Try to use public transport

You should try to use public transport rather than booking a fancy cab. Public transport tends to cost very less and is also very reliable in Europe.

You should walk as much as you can. Don’t try to book cab for small distances. There are weekly transport passes which can work out cheaper than single tickets.

6. Try using free calling app

Roaming charges and internet cost away from home can be ridiculously expensive. So, try to get in touch with some local people for local internet data only sim card.  You could also use services like WhatsApp, Facebook call feature for making free phone calls.

7. Take the train

You should book the train seats in advance for moving from one city to another. There are lots of sleeper trains between all cities in Europe plus they are comfortable.

tips for traveling Europe8. Visit Portugal

There are many cities in Europe and you could choose any one of them. But, Portugal remains the best value for money destination. The seafood here is out of this world and very cheap. Hotels are also available at low cost.

9. Visit Berlin

If you want to enjoy cool weather condition then Berlin could be your go-to destination. You can enjoy some of the Europe’s best steer food here, low-cost accommodation, great monuments and to visit.

10. Try street food

Try to limit eating out to once a day. You should try to go for street food or food from some local food chain rather than eating in some fancy hotel.

11. Shop locally

You should try to buy your groceries at local markets. You could ask for hotels’ owner opinion about the marketplace where you can get things at a lower price.

Try to go for things which you love12. Try to cook yourself

Most of the family hotels come along with the kitchen. So, you could try to cook yourself rather than eating outside. Cooking can be fun if you are along with your friends or families.

13. Try to go for things which you love

You should limit the places which you want to visit. Try to visit something which excites you not something which everyone does.

14. Try finding student discount

Student card can be an awesome thing. You can get a discount at more than 100,000 places in various countries. So, try to check for student discount before visiting a place.

15. Try avoiding ridiculous wastage of money

You should try to avoid spending money on unnecessary things like bars, beer shops, buying fancy items and much more.

Travelling is expensive but if it is planned in the right way it could be fun also. So, try visiting Europe as you will get a chance to see a variety of culture and you never know, you might fall in love with someplace.

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