If you’re reading this right now, you already know what beard oils are. If you don’t, beard oils are moisturisers made especially for your beards and the skin underneath them. They contain nutrients that are healthy for the pores on your skin.

Beard Oil Jelly helps people manage their beards, especially when it becomes longer. Applying this isn’t tasking at all; it only requires a comb. There are combs explicitly made for the beards, which can easily be found in the market. If you have shorter beards, you can get by with your hands.

Beard oils often come in containers that enable portioning. They look like eyedroppers, allowing you to pour one drop at a time. Instructions for use are usually written on the back of the container.

Below are general tips for applying your beard oil jelly:

Tips For Applying Your Beard Oil

  • Apply Beard Oil on damp beards, preferably after having a shower. After a bath, dry out your beard with a towel to become damp and not wet. The damp beards soak in the oil and make it last longer before it dries out.
  • During the dry climate, you might need to apply your Beard Oil Jelly every day, but its application could be adjusted during the temperate climate. Regardless, it all depends on the skin type. Dry skin would naturally require more beard oil.
  • Whenever you notice your beard starting to get sticky, you can reduce the amount of beard oil applied.
  • Avoid leaving clusters of uncombed oil in the beards. Make sure to comb out oil thoroughly after it’s applied.
  • Makes sure you are conscious of the beard oil brand you use. Different products work for other people. Whenever the skin underneath the beard gets irritated, you should stop using that beard oil.

How Should I Apply My Beard Oil?

  • Apply a few drops of beard oil on your palms, preferably two to three dots. Start with tiny drops first, then increase later if it’s not enough. Applying too much at a time could make your beard get too sticky.
  • After applying oil, rub both palms together and caress them across the hair of both cheeks.
  • The next thing you want to do is make sure the oil gets to your moustache and the beards underneath your chin.
  • Run a comb across your hair to evenly distribute the oil. This helps prevent clumps of beard oil from drying out on the beards.
  • If you don’t feel satisfied with the quantity of oil you’ve used, you can apply more to your beards. Comb beard back into place and style it as desired.

When the pores of your skin are open, beard oil jelly absorbs easily and is more effective. This can be achieved by simply wetting the skin underneath your beards. Applying beard oil to your damp hair soaks in the nutrients and helps the oil absorb faster. It is important that you follow the tips above if you’re looking to achieve well-groomed beards.

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