Tips for Wearing and Shopping Vintage Dresses

Vintage clothes are popular yet not everybody can easily shop for them to style them. 

Entering the vintage clothing store with the smell of second-hand clothes can be magical for some people yet icky for the others. 

The clothing racks are full of clothes stuffed up in hangers and finding something usable in the pile seems like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’. However, if you want to avoid the shop then there are some amazing online vintage shops like Zapaka which have huge collections of vintage clothes for you to choose from and buy.

However, vintage shopping means that you will be conserving the environment, saving money and wearing clothes that will be unique. 

So here are a few tips for finding the perfect vintage clothes. 

  1. If you are going for the first time – be specific with your search

Looking through racks of clothes in a vintage store without looking without having a particular vision can be daunting. So before you go for vintage shopping is sure that you know or have a plan on what you are looking for. 

  • Look in men’s section 

The man in the 80’s and ’70s used to wear things that women can wear today as well. For instance, you can find some pure silk button-down shirts in the men’s section. Also, you can find great oversize shits, jackets, and sweaters. 

  • A vintage piece that doesn’t look vintage 

You can search for timeless pieces. For instance, pleated pants may be a vintage piece but they can be paired with any modern clothes and look like they were made for this era. So hunt for vintage items that are a timeless classic. This way you might be wearing vintage but no one will ever know. 

  • Vintage black dress

Everybody wants a black dress in their dress. This dress can be used in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. However, in regular stores, these black dresses have a common cut and style. Why don’t you go a little different and choose a retro black dress?

The vintage black dresses can be short or long and have a few colored floral prints on them. With this black dress, you would be similar yet unique in a sea of black dresses. 

  • The authentic vintage 

Are you going to a party or a wedding that has a vintage theme? Then certainly go for a 1950s dress. The dresses might be old but they are still in fashion and unlike older eras, women in that ear did go for a few short clothes. You can flaunt your body yet be in an authentic vintage style.

  • Get those vintage shoes.

Now shoes are one thing I have always been obsessed with. The vintage shoes are a great way to revamp up your whole look. Vintage boots and sandals in the 21st century are making a comeback- those block heels are a hint to the old shoes making a comeback.  So if you entre a vintage store be sure to check the shoe section. 

  • Statement vintage accessory 

Vintage accessories are statement pieces. They can take one outfit from zero to ten. However, if you overdo those accessories your look can become overwhelming. So go for one vintage accessory at a time such as a stylish pocket watch. Some pieces too but can be earrings, belts, and purses. 

  • Don’t go head to toe vintage 

Unless you are going to Halloween party we suggest never go for a full-blown vintage look. Try using one piece of vintage and other pieces of modern clothing. They can blend seamlessly and give you a unique look.

Feel the Texture of The Dress:

You may experience passionate feelings for a delightful printed piece of clothing or a beaded dress yet verify whether the texture is in acceptable condition. “I constantly prefer to truly take a gander at and contact the garments, to ensure it despite everything has life in it. Vintage pieces regularly get weak and dry and break. There’s nothing more appalling than putting some cash in something and having it self-destruct on you.” If a piece of clothing appears as though it’s breaking, pulling, self-destructing, or blurring, it’s most likely savvy to leave it.


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