Choosing to have an at home wedding can be a great idea because it moves the aspect of finding a wedding venue out of the way. Also, because of the simple fact that there is no place like home, there is this comfort and collective joy that comes from planning a wedding at home. If you are looking to cut costs, this is one great option. Also, there are lots of DIY options. From your very own DIY wedding hairstyles to signs in the backyard for the guests.

So it is pertinent to remember that while you have chosen this spot, it will need some preparation to turn it into a venue. Below are some home wedding ideas and tips that can be helpful.

1. Plan your venue

Some couples who choose to have a wedding at home, want to cut down the cost of paying for a venue. So, if you are thinking of how to plan a simple wedding at home, you will need to first of all plan your space. Is your backyard space big enough to accommodate all of your guests? Will you be getting a tent? Will the ceremony and reception hold in the same place? Also what type of reception will you have? Will there be platted food or will it be a buffet or grilled picnic type of event?

These are the type of questions you will need answers to, to adequately plan your venue.

2. Prepare the venue

Depending on how much time you have, before the wedding, you might be able to completely transform your backyard. If you have at least up to 8 weeks, this should suffice for a great pre-wedding prep. If it’s a summer wedding, then you are in luck, your backyard might just need cleaning and pruning.

You could plant a garden or get your already existent garden in order. You could also talk to vendors like your caterer, rental company and your wedding planner so you know which areas would be used for what during the wedding.

3. Choose a theme

Choosing on a theme will help drive decision making on most aspects of your wedding planning including your venue. Be it a classic, vintage or rustic theme, deciding on it at this point will make certain things much easier. Each theme has its own type of décor, catering choices, music, and more.

4. Create a dance floor

If the wedding reception will hold in the backyard, then it would be necessary to create a dance floor. It would be a bit difficult to dance on the grass, especially for women in heels. So, one of our small wedding ceremony ideas is to rent a flat and smooth dancefloor for guests to use.

5. Get a tent

While not all at home weddings use this, it is largely recommended. Even if you might be considering small wedding reception ideas, a tent comes in handy. If you are using your backyard, a tent will give your guests some extra shelter from the elements like the sun or sudden breeze. It also provides some extra decoration opportunities.

6. Lights

This is one fun part in planning a backyard wedding space. You can light it up in any way that you please. Also, you can begin stringing at any time before the wedding, since no one else will be using the venue. You could string light around tree trunks, throughout the ceiling of the tent. You could hang lamps, Chinese lanterns, or even candles in Mason jars.

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7. Renting

Locate a rental company for your tables and chairs, or allow your catering team to handle everything. Outsourcing this way means you don’t need to worry about setting up or taking things down.

8. Separate areas

Another option for small backyard wedding ideas on a budget is creating separate zones in the backyard for different aspects of the wedding. For instance, the seating area could be separated from the dance floor area, and the bar for easier access.

9. Game it

A backyard wedding is an opportunity to set up games for your guests. Any outdoor game your guests can enjoy while drinking their cocktails should be fun.

10. Capture the wedding

From hiring a photographer to renting a fun photo booth for the backyard, or even having a family member take pictures. There are lots of creative ways to capture this special day in your most special place.

Capture the wedding

A wedding at home is not only a relaxing, and flexible way to host a wedding. It is also an intimate and fun way to host a cheap wedding ceremony. Whether you’re having a small backyard type wedding or using the family country cottage or lake house, there is a cozy feeling that comes with a home wedding.


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