A cross country move can dig your pocket deep. The cost of a cross-country move depends on many factors including the size of your household, your current and destination location, weight of goods to be taken along and time of move. Roughly, the average cost of moving cross country ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 approximately. The range varies according to the type of move like if you have a large house, be prepared to spend more and also if you have a lot of antiques or heavy items like pianos, large home appliances, and bigger furniture pieces thenit will definitely impact your overall moving budget.

The most common reason for moving cross country is either a transfer in the present job or a new job and next big reason is to attend school or to be closer to family. No matter what the reason is, money will be a matter of concern and you’ll want to save money wherever you can.

Fortunately, there are some less expensive ways to handle a cross country move. Right from hiring labor-only movers to renting a shipping container, here are some ways which can save money on your next long distance move and make the entire process more successful and less stressful. These long distance moving options can help you get your belongings to your new home without going over your moving budget.

Purge Your Belongings

The weight of your movable items directly impact your moving budget so if you may lighten your load, you’ll automatically pay less moving costs. Take some time out and sort all your belongings and take out everything that you haven’t used in a while and you do not want to use in future. There are a number of ways to get rid of this unwanted stuff including having a yard sale and sell what you don’t need, sell this unwanted stuff online sitesand/or donate what you can to the charities. Also make sure not to acquire new stuff before moving.This de-cluttering of your home will make your move easier and cheaper.

Choose Right Moving Time To Save

There are certain times of the year and month which make your move costlier as summer is the most expensive time to move because it is the beginning of a new school session. Then month end moves are also very expensive as leases tend to expire at this time. Weekends are also packed as these are the days when professional people don’t have to take leaves from their work to move. And during all these times, moving companies don’t consider any discounts and at the other times, you can easily avail best of the services at less cost. So it is very much recommended to try to move at a different time of the year, in the middle of the month and/or on weekdays as the competition is less.

Research and Hire the Best Moving Company

Don’t rush in booking the first mover you get on your way instead get estimates from professional long distance furniture movers in Melbourne that specialize in cross-country moves and compare their services and pricing. Be aware of moving frauds as a lower price company offering a discount price might mean you pay for some hidden costs extra that you wouldn’t be paying for with a higher priced company. So compare each and everything and prefer signing a written agreement.

Check Out for Moving Discounts

Don’t forget to ask for discounts if any as some members and some moving companies provide reduced rates at certain times of the year. You may get hefty discounts or special prices if you are a veteran or active military member.

DIY Move

You may save a lot of money by considering a Do-it-Yourself move. Look for the cheapest truck rental for moving a truck rentals are reasonably priced by best cross country moving companies. Truck companies offer one-way rental trucks and if you want to keep your budget tight, it is the best way to save money. Just Pack up your car with your most important belongings and/or hitch a trailer to your car to move those bigger items. This is the best and cheapest way to save money in a long distance move.

Portable Moving Container

Using portable moving container is another best way to save money as this is also one of the cheapest ways to move out of state. These containers provide mobile storage and can help you cut down on costs. Moving containers also lessen your stress by keeping all of your things in one place until it’s time to relocate that too without any time constraint.  It is a great way to store your belongings before and after the actual move.

Ship All Your Belongings

You can also consider shipping your belongings. You may just pack up and ship what you need to your new home if you don’t have furniture to move and you’ve managed to reduce your load significantly. This way you will be able to simply get on a bus or a train or even book a flight across the country to your final destination. Though you may have to pay for extra baggage fees but still those might cost lot less than what you may have to pay a moving company.

Save Money Wherever You Can

Try and save money wherever you can as instead of buying boxes, visit grocery stores and department stores to collect the boxes for free, packing tape also you can buy at a discount shop at a cheaper price than the packing tape you buy at a high-end retailer.


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