What is a short essay format? This is a common question we receive from students. Numerous assignments overburden students,yet at the same time, they have to revise for exams. Essay writing for beginners is a challenging task and can cause students to produce low-quality essays as a result many students need help with essay writing at Colleges, Universities and Schools. While other students have adequate time to write essays, they lack the necessary skills to come up with an effectivepiece. Others think essay writing is boring and difficult. However, following the following easy steps will give you writing essay tips that you can utilize to have top-notch essays. You will soon realize you can became an expert in essay writing. As a result you can write an essay fast, accurately and perfectly.

1. Get familiar with the question

You need to understand the question before you begin the writing process. Knowing the problem will assist you in identifying the type of essay. You can research more on the issue to get more insight on what you need to do. Do not proceed with an essay topic that you do not understand. Instead, take your time to become familiar with the question.

2. Identify a topic

Understanding the question in step one will give you an overview of the essay and enable you to determine an appropriate topic. Take your time to come up with ideas. Allow your thoughts to flow freely so that you can come up with as many ideas as possible. Once you have generated enough ideas, identify an interesting topic. Remember the main aim is to have an excellent essay meaning you should choose a topic you can tackle. In case you have difficulties on how to write a good essay topic, see your instructor. Do not shy away from asking for assistance from your instructor. The tutor can help you to identify a topic that is relevant for the essay.

3. Formulate an outline

The best way to write an essay is to begin by creating an outline. You can have a simple sketch with an introduction, main body and a conclusion. On the main body, list the ideas that you will discuss. An outline aims to organize your thoughts and make it easy to write an essay. Although some individuals think an outline is not essential, it is an effective way of organizing the whole composition. Writing an article without an outline means you may fail to include some of the critical ideas needed in the essay.

4. Pick a thesis statement

Begin the writing process by having a thesis statement which tells the reader regarding the essence of the essay. Ensure the thesis statement corresponds to the rest of the composition. A thesis summarizes the topic and the main argument of the essay. In other words, your thesis statement must address the problem in the article. Although the thesis statement is in the first paragraph, ensure you restate it several times in the main body. Do not forget to restate it at the conclusion.

5. Commence with an introductory paragraph

An introduction paragraph must follow the thesis statement. Ensure the introduction is captivating in order to get the attention of the reader. Using a “hook” is an effective way of getting the attention of the reader. The “hook” will create interest in the remaining part of the essay and cause the reader to go through the rest of the essay. Do not explain your main points in the introductory paragraph since there is room for that later.

6. The body paragraph

This is where the points you outlined in the main body become full paragraphs. Ensure that a paragraph does not introduce more than one idea. The introductory sentence of each paragraph carries the main idea. The following sentences should support the main idea in the introductory statement. Supporting your claims with the relevant references is essential.Follow the referencing style given by the instructor. A failure to reference ideas from other writers will amount to plagiarism which is an academic offense.

7. End with a concluding paragraph

The conclusion serves to sum up all the main ideas in the essay. Since you are revisiting the ideas you have already discussed, avoid introducing new thoughts here. Also, the concluding paragraph should not have references since you are just restating the ideas in the introduction and the body. The conclusion should be precise and have about three to five sentences. A longconclusion becomes boring since it repeats what you have already stated. Remember to restate the thesis statement and support your main argument. This will remind the reader about your main case and your position about the issue.

8. Editing

An essay is not complete without editing and proofreading. Edit to remove all the mistakes including grammatical errors. Proofreading ensures that you have logically arranged your ideas. Remove sections of the essay that are irrelevant and ensure you attain the required word limit. If there is anything you can do to improve the essay, this is the opportunity to do it. Most of the times, it is challenging to identify some mistakes. In that case, it is advisable to allow a friend to read your essay and recognizeerrors. Alternatively, you can utilize some of the available proofreading services online to edit the essay. However, using online proofreading services will come with additional costs.

Conclusively, this article has shown you how to write an effective essay. Although beginners will find essay writing problematic, following the eight steps will enable you to have a top-notch essay. Follow the steps and you will soon find writing essays enjoyable.

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