Tens of millions of Americans suffer from at least one addiction. Given that high volume of addicts, there’s a good chance you or somebody you know has had contact with at least one person that’s struggling.

Maybe you yourself are having addiction issues and are trying to get your life back on track by quitting. If that sounds familiar and the prospect of withdrawal has you afraid to start down your recovery path, keep reading.

In this post, we offer some practical steps that can make withdrawal easier.

Opt for Medical Supervision

Different addict’s withdrawal experiences are going to look different.

Some will have an easy time kicking their habits. Others will go through serious physical symptoms that could lead to death.

The best way to safely get through withdrawal, when possible, is to opt for a medically supervised process. This usually takes place at a detox center where doctors can help keep you balanced as you let your vices work their way out of your system.

Exercise When Possible

For those of you that are experiencing moderate withdrawal symptoms, consider exercising to keep your body in balance. When you work out, you release endorphins which can help replace some of the positive brain chemicals that drugs were formally helping your produce.

Exercise is also just a great way to keep yourself distracted so you’re not focused so much on discomfort.

Keep Yourself Entertained With Positive Media

They say laughter is the best medicine. While that saying might feel a little simplistic when pitted against withdrawal symptoms, watching things that make you laugh can be helpful.

Before going through detox, consider putting together a list of movies and TV shows that you think will make you laugh. Try to get through that list as you struggle through withdrawal symptoms.

Eat Healthy Foods

Combining a bad withdrawal with bad food will make you severely ill. Instead, have meal plans set up that are nutritious and delicious.

You might not be in the mood to cook during withdrawal so get comfortable ordering take-out or have a week or so worth or pre-made meals ready in your fridge that just needs heating.

Drink Tons of Water

Withdrawal and dehydration go hand in hand. To combat dehydration and the physical symptoms it’ll exacerbate, drink tons of water while you’re detoxing.

Eight glasses per day is a good place to start but the more, the better.

Have an Accountability Partner

Whether you’re trying to learn how to stop vaping or are withdrawing from heavier narcotics, having a partner can make the process go more smoothly. 

There are lots of accountability partners you can find through treatment centers. If that doesn’t work, consider getting a trusted family member or friend on your side.

Withdrawal Is Temporary

While a bad withdrawal might feel like it will last forever, remember, withdrawal is temporary. In a few days to a couple of weeks, it’ll be in your review mirror and ahead will be a much more promising future.

We hope you find the inspiration you need to kick your habits and welcome you to explore more of the content we have available on our blog.

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