Marketing to millennials may not be as plain and easy as it seems. Even though they were born before the Generation Z, they’re still tech savvy and use all kinds of gadgets and gizmos in their everyday life. Moreover, they still remember some more traditional ways of doing things they learned from the boomers. It’d be naïve to put a label on such a huge number of people and say there’s one good way to reach millennials when promoting your business. Add to that the fact that not all millennials are the same and identifying the best marketing channels for marketing to them seems impossible. Still, there are some tips you can follow that have been proven to do the trick. With that said, here are six of the best tips to help you market to millennials.

Interact with them

As mentioned above, you can’t just assume what type of marketing an entire generation likes the best and doing a lot of research is a must. Such studies have shown that millennials want to be engaged by a brand. In fact, it has been shown that 62% want the brand to interact with them and to be authentic while doing so. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially when you think about how many ads they see on a daily basis. What this means is that you should constantly look for new ways to interact with your customers and the good news is, there are a number of ways you can do this. When someone asks you a question on social media, provide them with an answer as quickly as possible. When someone leaves you a review on Facebook, tell them how thankful you are for it. Do this and you’ll be promoting your brand to millennials without even sounding like a marketing team but rather, as a peer.

Get involved with a cause

There’s no need to say that people get more mature as they age. This also means that they start dealing with more serious topics and want the brands they buy from to do the same. The best part of it is that you actually get to do something nice while also promoting your business for cheap. For example, there are all kinds of charity organizations out there that could use all the help they can get. By assisting them, you give your brand the exposure it needs and put a smile on millennials’ faces. According to TIME, charitable giving is set to change even more in 2019, opening even more opportunities for your business to contribute. Another important thing to have in mind is that the planet needs help as well and going green can help you reach even more people. Just by switching to solar energy or starting to take better care of your waste, you might be able to reach millennials who fight to preserve the environment. If you decide to do this, make sure you mention on your website how much your brand tries to reduce its carbon footprint.

Rely on visuals

It’s a fact that we all live fast-paced lives and may not have time to engage in long texts every time we go online. According to Elite Daily, millennials are addicted to their smartphones and usually browse news and scroll through their social media feeds while on the go. As a result, they only click on links that seem interesting and can be engaged with while on public transport or taking a break from work. In order to ensure everything you post stands out, you need to use visuals that’ll give them a reason to check out what you have to say. If you’re sharing a text on Twitter or Facebook, including a well-designed image with it is an absolute must. Consider hiring a graphic designer who’ll help you create authentic images for your posts. Videos are also an amazing tool to use when marketing to millennials, mostly due to the fact that they can be watched or listened to while doing something else.

Use promotional products

Use promotional products

For decades, promotional products have been one of the best tools to use to make a customer remember your business. Although we live in the age of the internet, this is still a foolproof way to attract more customers. The thing is, people like getting stuff for free, whether they belong to millennials or Generation Z. You can visit and figure out what are the best promotional products to use are in order to reach your target audience. Due to how much millennials use technology, putting your company’s logo on USB flash drives is something you just can’t go wrong with. Some other popular options include water bottles, notebooks and pens. Promotional products can also be used to refer your customers to your website or social media pages, which should only make your marketing efforts more effective.

Work with influencers

It may seem like it’s Generation Z who follows social media celebrities and bases their purchase decisions on their opinions. However, according to Forbes, 58% of millennials don’t mind ads if they feature one of their favorite digital stars. Combine this with the fact that there are influencers who focus solely on millennials and you can realize just how important influencer marketing is when trying to attract millennials to your business. In the last few years, influencer marketing has really become a thing and there are people in every industry who can do wonders for your social media marketing efforts. All you need to do is identify influencers your target audience follows and approach them. Bear in mind that their prices usually depend on how large their audience is. When turning to local social media stars, you may even be able to obtain their services for freebies or discounts.

Form relationships

There are more and more businesses out there and consumers often find it difficult to choose the brand they should turn to. While those who belong to the Generation Z might be interested in trying out new brands, millennials are constantly looking for those they can form a relationship with. This allows them to shop for things they need while still being able to focus on their professional life and get their work done. Loyalty programs play a huge role in the world of marketing and if you want millennials to choose you over your competitors, including them into your marketing efforts is a great idea. According to CNBC, millennials spend more time on their email than any other generation, making it a perfect channel to use for your loyalty program. Send emails to customers who might be interested in coming back and inform them about the benefits they can have if they decide to do so.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many ways to approach millennials and spur their interest in your product. However, what works for one customer may not necessarily work for another. This is why you should always look to incorporate a number of channels into your marketing campaign. Start by following the six tips covered in this post and you should be able to see more and more millennials turning to your brand.


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