6 Tips To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Tips To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Air pollution is no more only an outdoor issue. With the increase in the intensity of pollution, it has also started affecting the quality of our indoor air. It has become vital to pay attention to the air quality of your home in this fast-paced world. There is the possibility that pollutants from outside can be trap in your home. Yes, it is a lesser-known fact. But there can be many types of pollutants inside your houses such as dust, formaldehyde, fire-retardants, and more chemicals. Along with these chemicals mold, pet dander and dust mites can also be found in the home.

We have to pay special attention to the air quality to maintain the health of your family members. Children and elder people are subject to indoor pollutants in order to save them from respiratory disease, allergies, and illness.

Certain lifestyle changes and a few maintenance tips can correct the issues by reducing contaminants. Read out how you can improve indoor air quality and give the best to your family.

Improve Air Quality through below Tips:

1. Clean Floors

The allergens and chemicals are accumulated which can be reduce with a HEPA filter. An effective method to deal with certain chemicals such as pollen, toxins, dust mites. Don’t forget to carpet the edges and vacuum high-traffic areas. Investing in high-traffic mops because the microfiber used here can capture more dust and dirt as compared to conventional mops.

2. Maintaining The Level Of Humidity

The level of humidity should be maintain at 30% to 50%. To have an analysis on this, you should choose a climate control system unit that suits you. If the space is arid, a humidifier and, for larger spaces, a commercial humidifier are the best solutions to regulate the humidity levels. Moreover, a dehumidifier can control the growth of allergens, and reduce moisture in your indoor air. Make sure you empty your drip pans in your AC unit regularly. Why? It would help in recycling the dirty moisture from the air. AC repair service can also be reach to serve the purpose.

3. Testing For Radon

No matter whether your house is old or new, radon can be an issue always. It is without fragrance and colorless gas that is equip for making cellular breakdown in the lungs. Radon is inexpensive and quick. It is the radioactivity that makes it a dangerous gas. It is an issue with openings and breaks in the establishment of your home. So, it is crucial to get your home tested for radon and reduce the amount from your home.

4. Utilizing Natural Products

Do you like sterilization suppliers, breathing fresheners, and clothing cleanser? Such kinds of products are good to smell, but gradually, they decrease the quality of your air. Plenty of chemicals and petroleum products have adverse effects on our health upon inhalation. Take a look at the following ways to protect your family from harsh chemical pollutants-

  • Avoid using aerosol sprays
  • Use naturally scented cleaning products
  • Say no to synthetic scents
  • Open windows so that the scented products escape from your room
  • Properly ventilated rooms with a filtered AC system
  • Say yes to live plants they will help in acting as natural air purifiers

5. Air Duct Cleaning

To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, air ducts are responsible. If they are install improperly then they can reduce the quality of the air. Particle contamination and pollutants can be source by a dirty air duct. If you have been using your HVAC system for a long time, then it is time to get it fix or cleaned. You can reach out to experts and get a foul smell, circulating dust, contaminants out of your home.

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6. Consider Products

The quality of the products that you use decides the quality of the air. Health and wellness are affected. You can combat indoor pollutants by using in-duct odor eliminators, whole-home humidifiers, and electrostatic filters.

The Final Thoughts

You can improve the quality of air in your house by executing air duct cleaning, consider natural products, maintaining the level of humidity. Along with these, the other implementation that needed is cleaning the floor and testing for radon. Reaching out to the best ac repair service is another step to follow. After that, the home will be cleaned and kept fresh for a long time.


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