Have you purchased a luxury watch? Then, it is time for you to learn how to better maintain this plush watch to improve its longevity. The amount you spent on the Hamilton Jazzmaster watch would be worth it when you properly maintain the watch. If the watch is in a good condition, it looks new always and grabs the attention of the crowd towards it. Moreover, luxury watches are sentimental for people. If you care it properly, you can pass this lavish watch from one generation to another generation. It is important to note that it is not so difficult to take care of the watch, especially if you have a personal connect to it.

Few of the tips to keep in mind to take care of your Hamilton Jazzmaster watch includes:

Clean the watch after every usage:

You need to take a soft cloth and wipe the watch after every usage and keep it in the box that was given by the store. This helps you to keep the dust and dirt on the watch at bay. This also avoids deterioration of watch sooner. You also soak the watch in the watch after every few months to retain the lost sheen of the watch. However, you need to read the manufacturer manual thoroughly before cleaning the watch.

Service on a regular basis:

You need to get the watch serviced after every two to three years irrespective of the warranty period. When it is serviced regularly, the technicians can detect the underlying issues with the watch and fix them immediately.

Avoid magnets:

You should avoid  the Hamilton Jazzmaster watches closer to the magnet as it would affect the timing of the watch.

Keep the watch safely in the box:

When you are not wearing the watch, you need to make sure to keep it in the box. If you place the watch outside, there are high chances of the dial getting prone to scratches. This totally ruins the look. You need to keep the watch in the watch box to protect it from scratches and other damages.

Do not keep it under the sunlight for a long time:

When the watch is continuously prone to sunlight, it would change the color of the watch. In addition, the heat would reduce the battery life of the watch. So, it is highly recommended to keep it away from sunlight.

Do not get in touch with chemicals:

You should keep your luxury watches away from perfumes and cleaning supplies. The perfumes spraying on the watch accidently would damage the leather band. You can dab perfume, but make sure that the perfume is totally dried to adorn the watch to your wrist. When you clear the watch, you should not use the strong cleaners. You need to use the mild ones to retain the look of the watch. Contact the professionals: You should not open the watch by yourself to see the issue with it. When you open the watch, there are high chances of the watch getting exposed to dust, dirt and grime, therefore it is better to entrust the job to professionals.


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