Tips to Maximise Liveability in a Small Flat 

We all know that space can be a premium and dear commodity. Small spaces, however, allow people to make them as personalized, cosy and comfortable as possible. While creating a functional and aesthetic space with such a limited space may be challenging, it is still doable. You have to be creative because you will need to fit elements into such a small area. 

You can do many things to ensure that the small space can be as liveable and comfortable as possible. Several fixtures and furnishings are available to make the area look and feel luxurious and comfortable. One thing you must start with, though, is to ensure that your flat doesn’t have pests that can deter the liveability factor. If you happen to be living in the Doncaster area, look for a reputable Doncaster pest control company to help you in keeping your flat pest-free. Their accessibility will greatly help you get the best deals around. 

Here are some tips to maximise the liveability of your small flat.

Be wise with colour 

One of the secrets to good interior design is to start with the right paint scheme. If you can avoid using dark colours, it will do your space good as white and light to pastel paint colours enliven an area and make it look bigger than it is. You can be creative with trim and other furnishings to make the space look luxurious.

You can also use colour to define spaces and boundaries. Patterns can greatly help accentuate the space and improve the ambience.

Consider a good rug or carpet

Another way to make the small space feel luxurious and liveable is to use a space-fitting rug or carpet. You need to ensure that the area is fully covered because smaller carpets or rugs would make the space feel cramped. Wall-to-wall carpeting or rugs would be good to create continuity.

Create an accent wall

With a small space, you have to be creative with the walls. One of the best ways is to create an accent wall to attract people’s attention whenever they enter the room. You can do this by using paint or trim and by placing artwork, picture frames or a large mirror. 

Use storage properly

With a small space, it’s necessary to be clever regarding storage space. You can buy double-purpose furniture such as foot stools which can double as storage for toys, books and other souvenirs. You can also use vertical storage options for accessories and other personal effects. You can incorporate them fully into the design aesthetic to create a cosy ambience.

Illuminate properly 

If your flat has a lot of windows, it will be a boon as it can let more natural light inside. You can also install several light fixtures to keep the space as well-illuminated as possible. Use adequate window treatments to keep the flat feeling less stuffy. 


If you have a small flat, you can still easily make it feel homey and comfortable. You only have to follow a few tips to make the area as personalised and cosy to suit your tastes.  


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