5 Tips To Promote Your Blog and Rank Higher on Google

Tips To Rank Higher on Google

The question of SEO promotion is always relevant to all website and blog owners. Some of them think that SEO promotion is expensive, while others consider it to be too difficult to do the task on their own. But is it really so?

Indeed, there are many misleading myths around SEO. So, if you want to get a clear picture of SEO promotion specifics and best practices, check out the information on the talentedladiesclub.com site. Then, consider the options to promote your site on your own. There are 5 effective tips that will help you to promote your blog or site. 

5 Tips That Will Help Promote Your Website

If you need a minimum of advice but a maximum of effects, then the following tips are what you need. They will help you change your rating and get top positions in the search results.

1) Optimize Your Mobile Version

If you don’t know where to start working on promoting your website or blog, then the first thing in this matter is optimizing the mobile version. In the absence of a mobile site or blog, you should pay special attention to this issue because according to research, 54.8% of the world’s traffic comes from Smartphones. This indicator will increase soon, which means that to stay afloat and occupy rating places, it is worth having a good mobile version of the site or blog. Allocate a budget to deal with this issue, as this is a really important ranking factor.

2) Do Your Best Writing Your Content

Today it is worth focusing on creating high-quality content. User behavior has changed, search engine analysis factors have changed as well. Today, users want to receive a clear and detailed answer to their problem in response to their request. Search engines put forward those articles that can solve the problem of users, ranking the pages on the basis of user behavior and text semantics.

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Now it is not enough to write an article on the topic “Effective SEO strategies” with a description of what SEO is and three basic strategies listed. It is necessary to provide specific actions for the implementation of these tips and back up your points by statistics and examples. Such an article has a chance to get to the top of search results even without additional SEO actions. Therefore, remember the basic rules of modern content that work now:

  • An article with an emphasis on the benefit or solution to the user’s problem.
  • Availability of a step-by-step action plan.
  • Availability of statistics, examples, research.
  • Structured text.

3) Update Previously Written Content

Have you ever wondered how old content can be useful all the time? Sometimes, when entering a query into a search line, an article of 2016-2015 may appear in the first place and, in terms of content, it will contain relevant material. This is a very common situation and one of the best approaches in SEO promotion.

The whole point is that all your blog articles are recommended to be updated and re-powered with relevant and up-to-date information. For example, if you have an article on SEO promotion that you wrote a few years ago, then you can remove ineffective advice and add a guest posting strategy, for instance,  to renew the article. This approach will allow each of your content to work and influence your ranking.

4) Make Use of Guest Posting Strategy

Guest posting strategy is one of the most popular SEO tactics with which you can advance in the ranking. The essence of this strategy is based on getting quality backlinks and targeted traffic flow to your site. You need to create content for the partner site with a mention of your website and then share your content. This cooperation allows the partner’s site to receive high-quality content, and the other side gets backlinks and traffic flow.

This strategy can be implemented on your own, but for a faster effect, it is recommended to use the help of professional services. Experts will select relevant partner sites for you and help you create quality content.

5) Be Smart with Your Keywords

Keywords still help search engines parse your text and display your article based on key queries. But now the process of selecting keywords has changed. Whereas before everyone tried to add to text a huge number of keywords that looked like spam, today this no longer works.

It is worth giving preference to the organic use of keywords and focusing on long tail search queries. Such keywords will be more effective for promotion since they are less competitive but still allow you to provide users with a detailed answer to the specific question. Add them organically so that they will not affect the meaning of your content. This will help to draw the attention of search engines and not spoil the quality of the text for the reader.

Wrapping Up

Use these simple yet effective tips, and you will soon see the first results. SEO promotion is not difficult as it seems but nevertheless, you have to be smart with it and promote your website with a clear strategy in mind. Move along our tips step by step so that to solve the most pressing issues first, and then, proceed with seamless search engine promotion day after day.

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